Introduction to MTA’s US Initiatives

The MTA is the only organization in the world that works with US hospitals, cities, and states on developing international patient initiatives and programs. Foreign governments, health authorities, and insurance companies are spending billions of dollars each year sending patients overseas - with the US being a prime destination for international patients. 

The MTA has direct access to and relationships with many of the health authorities, Ministers of Health, and global insurance companies involved in sending patients abroad. The MTA works with governments and insurers in identifying centers of excellence, and is also in partnership with the Global Benefits Association in the development of a Global Medical Network that international insurance companies and governments can use for sending patients abroad. Within the MTA’s annual event the GBA holds their Global Benefits Conference™ , bringing in senior-level leaders from insurance companies, governments, and multinational employers.

Every year the MTA organizes one of the only Ministerial Summits in the world, bringing together Ministers of Health, health authorities, Ministries of Tourism, and Economic Development. The agenda can be viewed at: 

With increased competition not only from within the US but globally, it is not always easy to distinguish your hospital from others or develop new patient revenue relationships. Whether you have an existing program in place or you are looking to increase patient volume by cultivating new relationships with governments and global payers - or you are developing a new international patient program - the MTA can assist you. 

The MTA not only works with hospitals, but it also works with cities in their initiatives. The MTA currently has two ongoing projects with the city of Miami and the city of Las Vegas. 

The MTA works with inbound patients coming to the US, domestic Medical Tourism Initiatives, and hospitals to attract employers and insurance companies from within the US to utilize their hospitals services as a center of excellence. The company Lowe’s has partnered with the Cleveland Clinic - and Pepsi has partnered with Johns Hopkins. We have created a Domestic Medical Travel Council specifically to work on this initiative.

The MTA Programs for US Hospitals are below: 

Our Healthcare and Hospital Programs & Initiatives Range from   

  • Hospital Destination Guides – Customized 50-60 page book on your hospital - featured on your hospital website – at: www.MedicalTourism.Com (the #1 Medical Tourism portal on the web). We also distribute our Hospital Destination Guides through iTunes, Amazon, as well as other electronic e-book readers
  • Formal Accreditation & Certification Programs – Get your hospital/clinic accreditated under Global Healthcare Accreditation.
  • Branding Development
  • Feasibility Studies and Market Reports – Identify the right markets for your hospital
  • Trade Missions – Travel around the world with the MTA to meet senior healthcare leaders
  • Participate in Global Medical Network 
  • Introductions and New Connections – Get the opportunity to meet with hospitals, doctors, governments, facilitators and others in foreign countries
  • Create Connections for Academic Affiliations and Exchanges
  • Patient Referrals and Leads
  • Development of Both Domestic and Inbound Medical Tourism
  • Executive Wellness Council – Brand your Executive Health Checkup Program and drive more international and corporate businesses to your program(s)
  • Domestic Medical Travel Council – Increase business from US employers and insurance companies  

For Specific MTA Programs for US Hospitals Click Here 

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