Certified Medical Tourism Professional ®

Medical Tourism is a growing industry globally estimated at $100 billion dollars annually. Healthcare Providers, Facilitators, Travel Agents, Insurance Agents & Brokers, and Human Resource Professionals are looking to receive advanced education in medical tourism as more insurance companies and employers implement medical tourism and more patients travel globally for care.

The Medical Tourism Association has spent years working closely with the international healthcare community to develop a foundational educational program for professionals seeking knowledge about the management of medical and wellness tourists.

Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP) and Certified Medical Tourism Specialist (CMTS) are professional certifications within the Medical Tourism field, provided by the Medical Tourism Association®.

Each certification is valid for (3) years.

 Become Certified and Learn How to:

  • Build a successful business in the Medical Tourism industry.
  • Mitigate risk unique to the Medical Tourism industry.
  • Select appropriate marketing tools and strategies for your business.
  • Select qualified Healthcare Facilities & Providers.
  • Build relationships with other international professionals around the world.
  • Become educated in quality, transparency, legal and privacy issues surrounding health and wellness travel.
  • Learn how US Companies such as Lowe's, Pepsi and other international corporations are implementing health and wellness travel into their benefits.


Who Should Get Certified?

  • Healthcare Management Executives
  • Healthcare Practitioners & Professionals
  • Travel Agents
  • Facilitators
  • Insurance Agents & Brokers
  • Human Resource Executives

Are you new to the Medical Tourism industry?

The Certified Medical Tourism Professional program does not have professional requirements to complete the course. To sit for the CMTP Exam, once must complete the CMTP Basic Program.

To qualify for Certified Medical Tourism Specialist certification an individual must:

  • Maintain three years of being a Certified Medical Tourism professional


  • Complete at least 3 CMTP Advanced Modules


  • Complete at least 1 CMTP Expert Program

Benefits of Certification

  • 3 Year Membership to the Medical Tourism Association
  • Access to Online Continuing Education Resources
  • Gain Credibility Among Your Peers
  • Offer A Higher Level of Knowledge & Experience to Your Clients or Employer
  • Sets you apart from the competition and communicates your specialized expertise and commitment to the industry
  • Enhances your career and expands opportunities for job promotion of Medical Tourism Program

Course instructors

All course instructors possess years of practical experience in the medical tourism field in areas of international patient management, insurance benefits, healthcare quality and safety, facilitation, developing CME’s for physicians and international law. MTA Certified Trainers complete a competency program and provide ongoing engagement to the development of all MTA Education Products and Programs.

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