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Medical Tourism

Learn the Quality of Care available around the world
This book is required reading for anyone considering becoming a part of the Medical Tourism marketplace. Jonathan and Renee-Marie have been instrumental in bringing the necessary parties together and making Medical Tourism a viable option for many.

Colleen DePadua,
Manager of Group Insurance, Black & Decker


As employers consider their options in a climate of economic
challenges and shifting more medical and financial decisions on employees, it makes sense to gain a good understanding of the potential value of medical tourism. This book offers an opportunity to begin that important process.

Larry S. Boress,
President & CEO, Midwest Business Group on Health

“An informative, instructional and inspiring book for anyone who wants to break in to Medical Tourism. This book holds practical insights that will help you build and expand yourpiece of this growing market. The industry experts, Jonathan Edelheit and Renee-Marie Stephano, have done the research for you. Their knowledge is the key to your success.

Trish Freeman,
President, Louisiana Association of Health Underwriters”


Developing an International Patient Center

“This book provides great insight into the core of an international patient center. The Emirate of Dubai aspires to develop a comprehensive world-class service to cover the needs of its people and to position Dubai as a global destination for medical care. Learning and understanding the market competences of Medical Tourism and its cultural impact is one of the importances this book has given.”

Laila Al Jassmi,
CEO of Health Policy and Strategy Sector, Dubai Health Authority


“Global Healthcare management is one of the most rapidly growing industries in the world, and Renée-Marie Stephano’s role in understanding and managing that industry is fundamental. Renée-Marie Stephano and William Cook have done an excellent job in providing the essential guidelines and roadmap to the development of successful international patient care. I recommend this book to every institution working to have a place in Global Healthcare Management"

Abdalla Bashir,
Director of Jordan Hospital


A perfect book for anyone who is interested in developing an international patient program. This book shows you a road map to creating a global patient program and a streamlined patient protocol management. It also helps you learn all the things that need to be prepared for launching international medical tourism at your medical center, hospital or in your destination.

Masato Takamatsu, CEO, Japan Tourism Marketing Co.


"With over 7 years of experience dealing with international patients, I firmly believe this book leads global healthcare providers in the right direction of creating international patients center programs and services for attracting patients, as well as establishes international standardization to reach the expectations and requirements of international patients. I would like to thank Renée-Marie Stephano and William Cook for their contribution and passion to Medical Tourism. "

Hwang(James) LEE,
Head Manager of Wooridul International Patients Center, Wooridul Spine Hospital, Korea


“In our efforts for the foundation of the Porto Alegre Healthcare Cluster, Renée Stephano was of decisive role in the process since the beginning. Our project is becoming a reality and the insights Renée provided were transformed into strong strategies. We truly believe that our cluster will fly high with Renée’s presence and intelligence.”

Luiz Fernando Moraes,
Secretary of Tourism, Porto Alegre – RS - Brazil


"Medical Tourism is the new hot topic in healthcare throughout the world. Hospitals and clinics in many countries are taking steps in creating dedicated departments for their foreign patients. In this book Renée-Marie Stephano and William Cook have done an excellent job of sharing their knowledge and providing a road-map to developing a successful international patient center. It is a Must Read book on your list. Congratulations!"

Debson Global Health LLC – Dr. Zoumanan Debe and Dr. Antonia Arnaert


“Renée-Marie Stephano and William Cook have done an excellent job of sharing their knowledge and providing a roadmap to developing a successful international patient center.”

Carola Cid, Administrative Director of Chihuahua Oncology Center


"Everybody knows that having a Medical Tourism program now is a smart and necessary decision. Thanks to Renée-Marie and William we were able to deeply understand what it is all about. Whoever wants to play in the major leagues and not be late or delayed must accept the challenge. Do not fall asleep, globalization is a fact and it come up for staying..."

Daniel Vasquez Ger ~ Hospital Austral, Argentina


The Medical Tourism Facilitator

After four years of research and review of medical tourism, I found this book to contain all of the fundamentals plus more in order for insurance companies, employers and agents to methodically move ahead in patient global migration. The importance of working with qualified facilitators is well described and lays the groundwork for such collaboration. A bible in this burgeoning industry.

Armando Polanco,
President of Texas Benefits


This book is required reading for those in the medical tourism industry working as facilitators and those planning to be one. Medical tourism facilitation has a major role in this industry and being guided and informed cannot be over emphasized. Thank you, Renee-Marie and William!

Eva A. Trinidad,
President, Philippine Medical Tourism, Inc


The production of this Facilitator "best practices guidebook" is a critical step in the continued patient-friendly development of international medical tourism. This book should be considered required reading for everyone involved in or considering getting involved in a Medical Tourism program!

Jerry Turney,
President of Consolidated Marketing Group


"This book provides great insight into the inner workings of a medical tourism facilitator."

Tom O’hara,
President of Surgical Trip, a Certified Medical Tourism Facilitator


“As more and more employers seek out information on Medical Travel benefits, they are finding that working with a Medical Travel Facilitator is the best option, and this book is a great resource for getting informed on facilitators and what they do best.”

Jeff Carter,
CEO My Health Globe


If you are searching for transparency, communication and education for any project concerning the medical tourism industry worldwide, you can find it all in one person: Reneé-Marie Stephano. Renée is not just the leader of the most incredible global trend but can inspire any initiative worldwide and provide the most accurate and comprehensive background, that is the most important for successful projects anywhere.”

Glauco Fonseca,
Director,  Healthcare Brazil





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