WellHotel® Training & Certification for Hotels & Resorts

Over the last two years the Medical Tourism Association® has worked closely with the international healthcare community and buyers of healthcare to develop a Training curriculum and Certification standards for the hospitality industry. Medical travel guests have unique needs and expectations that must be addressed in order to provide a high quality guest experience. As a hotel catering to medical travel guests you will need to interface with patients, medical providers and ground operators in order to ensure a smooth and safe experience for your guests.

The purpose of the WellHotel® standards is to promote specific improvements in the protocols and services that impact the medical traveler’s experience. It provides a framework for good practice, which covers the various situations that hospitality providers may face in managing guests traveling for medical purposes or those that may incur medical services while traveling.

Who will Benefit from WellHotel® Training and/or Certification?

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • B&B’s
  • Spas

WellHotel® Training

WellHotel® Training is an onsite training program tailor-made to your hotel’s unique needs and current level of competency working with medical travel guests. Training sessions can be programmed as a one-time event over a period of 1-3 days or as a multi-stage process over several months.

Goals of the training:

  • Understanding the hospitality provider’s role within the wider context of the international patient experience;
  • Ensuring services are responsive to the needs of medical travel guests;
  • Sensitizing staff to the guest's unique needs through interpersonal communication training;
  • Developing strong protocols to ensure guest safety;
  • Promoting the implementation of Cultural Competency protocols to improve the medical travel guests’ experience;
  • Establishing controls for infections prevention

Course instructors

Course instructors possess many years of practical experience in the medical tourism and hospitality fields in areas of hotel management and international patient management, healthcare quality and safety, and patient facilitation.

WellHotel® Certification

WellHotel® Certification is a certification of competence for hospitality organizations that have demonstrated that they have the necessary standards, services and protocols in place to provide a quality and safe accommodation experience for medical travel guests. It is a two year certification.

The Value of WellHotel® Certification

The Medical Tourism Association® recognizes that a certification of excellence in international guest services provides a tremendous benefit to the community at-large, as well as regional, domestic and international guests. Adherence to WellHotel® standards ensures that hospitality providers are sensitive to the needs and expectations of traveling guests from diverse geographical, cultural and religious backgrounds.

Certification by the Medical Tourism Association® may benefit hospitality and tourism organizations by accomplishing the following:

  • Achieve a Competitive Edge in Market.
  • Achieve Increased Visibility & Respect from Industry Stakeholders.
  • Validate Commitment to Excellence to Consumers.
  • Enhance Staff Competencies & Overall Service Capabilities.

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