Medical Tourism Moonshot

5 Million New Medical Tourists Traveling By 2028

We are building a healthcare future that is for everyone. Let’s reinvent the business of medical tourism and how consumers access healthcare. Join us as we accelerate the world’s access to transparent healthcare.
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2024 Initiatives

Global Provider Network

GPN is a turnkey program that provides referral organizations with speedy access to healthcare providers with pre-negotiated discounts and commissions.

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2024 Patient Survey

This comprehensive 31-page report sheds light on the decision-making process, motivations, and concerns of medical tourists, focusing on aspects like the search for superior medical expertise, trust in healthcare providers, cost-effectiveness, and the appeal of innovative treatments.

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Breaking Down the Barriers

We are part of a movement to break down barriers to people traveling for healthcare services. By 2028, medical tourism will see consensus like never achieved through data-driven initiatives to provide better access between referrers and providers.

Integrating a variety of technology solutions to curate data and facilitate patient management to a Global Healthcare Network opens doors for streamlined access to medical information and payments, while connecting patients to high quality medical and wellness providers, buyers, and physicians across the globe.

Extraordinary measures need to be taken to bring the medical tourism industry together like never before in order to transition towards a free-market system that empowers healthcare consumers to make better choices.

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What Is The Problem With The Industry?

Industry and players, buyers, and referrers have changed

Pent up demand for service with no easy way for referral organizations to connect with healthcare providers

Cost of service increases provide new opportunity

Need for patient facilitation optimization

Provider country national priorities have changed

Lack of current data, technology as well as payment gateways

By coming together, we can do more than we could ever do individually.


How Will the Moonshot Solve This Problem?

Curate data from 20 + countries
The initial selection shall be determined through an industry-wide scoping survey of destinations interested in sharing medical travel industry data during the course of the project.
Leverage Technology Solutions for Management and Tracking
Although many destinations may not use a single technology solution to collect information about medical and wellness tourism, the project shall focus on curating data from and plugging into a variety of solutions and funneling information through one gateway to support synchronizing data.
Facilitate Technology and Payment Mechanisms for Health Services
To overcome the obstacles to the business of medical travel as well as transparent payments, introduce new gateways to global travelers and providers to increase the ease of access and flow of patients to new destinations.
Provide Turnkey Access to Buyers/Referrers Worldwide in a Global Healthcare Network
The new network will provide a consultative approach and platform for global buyers and referrers to send patients with fixed pricing, pre-negotiated discounts, and commissions based upon the business demand.
Increase the Global Network Access to Healthcare Providers
In order to meet the pent-up demand for patients to access high quality, transparent pricing services elsewhere, new providers are entering the market with capacity, while others have yet to re-prioritize traveling patients. This provides tremendous opportunity to modify and amplify new medical service networks for services that may be closer to home, more affordable, better quality, and within the acceptable risk management profile of the referrers.
Increase Access to Medical Tourism Training,Certification & Accreditation Programs
Increase access to best practices and establish greater trust in the medical and wellness industry  that ensures individuals have access training across all areas of the medical travel ecosystem and that organizational stakeholders have
Optimizing Access to Well-being and Wellness Travel Solutions
Wellness travel and the integration of well-being services for travelers, medical travelers, families, and guests have been traditionally treated as an add-on, rather than integrated into medical travel trips. The new model for travel meets the demand of the discerning health and wellness seeker to new destinations across the globe.

Build a healthcare future that is for everyone.


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