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Are you a professional operating in the healthcare tourism and medical travel space somewhere around the globe? We want you to get involved and be a part of our mission to transform the business of health.

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The Medical Tourism Association® is a diverse international organization dedicated to the life cycle of healthcare and travel projects from inception to delivery. From the review of bench-marked results to the development of improvement mechanisms developed through proven customer experience techniques and measured outcomes, the Medical Tourism Association® is the dedicated partner for businesses seeking to establish a greater global presence in healthcare, wellness, and tourism industries.
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The Medical Tourism Association is a global non-profit association for the medical tourism and international patient industry. The MTA works with healthcare providers, governments, insurance companies, employers, and other buyers of healthcare – in their medical tourism, international patient, and healthcare initiatives – with a focus on providing access to transparent, high-quality healthcare.

  • OUR MISSIONTo equip medical tourism and healthcare travel professionals with the tools they need to develop their business.
  • OUR EXPERIENCE12+ years of leading events and industry education have allowed us to change the world
  • OUR VISIONTo have a world with the highest standard of healthcare throughout

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Become a recognized expert in your field. With Global Healthcare Accreditations' Certified Medical Travel Professional certification, you can easily link with healthcare or hospitality providers seeking exceptional services for their medical travel clients.

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12 YEARS Inspiring Global Excellence

The Medical Tourism Association has been in business for more than 12 years now, working tireless to promote and expand the international patient industry. We’ve been fortunate enough to meet with engaging, intelligent people from every corner of the world, all of whom have one goal in mind – the continuous improvement of medical travel.

Demonstrate the Economic Impact of Medical Tourism in your Destination

The Medical Tourism Calculator (MTC) is an adaptable tool used by industry stakeholders to demonstrate the total economic impact of a medical travel program. It considers important factors like job creation and tax revenues, as well as the impact to hospitality and tourism, which are traditionally deemphasized in medical tourism forecasts.

✓ Provides data on the impact of healthcare tourism
✓ Provides the current economic impact of medical tourism in your region
✓ Provides a forecast of the total economic impact of medical travelers
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