Medical Tourism Association in the News

The Epoch Times

Mar 13, 2023

‘Medical Tourism’ a Burgeoning Industry Despite Danger in Mexico

Thousands of Americans travel abroad yearly for medical treatment, looking to reap the benefits of high-quality health care at substantially lower costs. However, the recent killing of two United States citizens in Mexico underscores the inherent risks associated with “medical tourism.” “Sometimes, people try to do their research [but] they don’t work through certified agencies,” says Jonathan Edelheit, co-founder and chairman of the Medical Tourism Association (MTA).

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WXYZ Detroit

Mar 10, 2023

Medical tourism: reasons, risks, and common misconceptions

Medical tourism, or seeking medical care abroad, has been around for decades. Recently, a group traveling from South Carolina to Mexico was involved in a tragic case of mistaken identity. One of the victims visited the country for a medical procedure when the group was kidnapped. Two were killed.

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LX News

Mar 7, 2023

More Americans are traveling abroad for medical procedures, as some countries offer healthcare at significantly lower costs.

More Americans are traveling abroad for medical procedures, as some countries offer healthcare at significantly lower costs. However, patients should consider potential risks before deciding on medical tourism. @CodyBroadway and @JonEdelheit tells us more.

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Jamaica Observer

Jul 4, 2021

A case for medical tourism in Jamaica — Part 1

The president of the Medical Tourism Association Renee-Marie Stephano argues that the proximity of the Cayman Islands to the United States and international recognition as a tourist destination give Cayman an advantage on the global competition for medical travel dollars in the Caribbean.

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PR Newswire

Jul 15, 2020

Medical Tourism Index Adds New Destinations, Updates Rankings for New Decade

The Medical Tourism Index was first created in 2014 and updated for the sector in its 2016-2017 report; this third edition arrives at a critical juncture, where modern healthcare has never been more important, and the future evolution of a young, globalized industry has never been harder to predict.

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PR Newswire

Jul 1, 2020

Medical Tourism Association Partners with Korea Tourism Organization to Extend South Korean Global Medical Services after Successful COVID-19 Containment

Medical Tourism Association (MTA) partners with Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) as South Korea extends high complexity medical services to international patients at a pivotal COVID-19 transition point.

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Jan 24, 2020

Trump administration takes aim at “birth tourism”

Starting Friday, new restrictions take effect for international visitors planning to give birth in the U.S. American officials at embassies and consulates around the world are now supposed to reject applications if they think someone is engaged in “birth tourism” — coming to the U.S. so your child can be born here and gain citizenship.

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The Jordan Times

Jun 8, 2019

King’s support, strong foundation help cement Jordan’s ‘reputable status’ in medical tourism

“Under the direction of His Majesty King Abdullah, the sector of medical tourism has seen exceptional support, support which has thus fostered growth,” said Mohammed Samih, president of the Jordan Society of Tourism and Travel Agents.

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Elmira Daily News

Feb 17, 2019

Global Medical Tourism Market to Grow Steadily on Account of Active Government Promotion and Support: Fortune Business Insights

The global medical tourism market is rising at a fast pace, driven by governments support across various nations. This information has been shared by Fortune Business Insights in its report, titled “Medical Tourism Market Size, Share and Global Trend By Type (Domestic, International), By Treatment (Cosmetology, Dentistry, Cardiology, Orthopaedic surgery, Neurology, Oncology, Other), and Geography Forecast till 2026”.

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Jan 28, 2019

Surgeries in Mexico linked to antibiotic-resistant infections in US, CDC says

Nearly a dozen Americans who had surgery in Tijuana, Mexico, have returned home with dangerous antibiotic-resistant infections, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Wednesday.

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Aug 21, 2018

Medical tourism: A long trip continues

With the shift in demand from U.S. patients after the passage of the ACA, some medical tourism companies closed up shop—but the concept has continued to evolve.

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Bloomberg Businessweek

Jul 12, 2018

Startups Look to Mainstream Medical Tourism

Startups from Berlin to Bangkok are trying to do for medical tourists what Airbnb or does for the general public.

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Health and wellness tourism

Feb 19, 2018

Turismo de salud y bienestar

Lo primero que debes de saber es que el turismo de salud no es una actividad nueva. Desde hace siglos la humanidad ha buscado respuesta a sus necesidades de salud, trasladándose a otros lugares con miras a mejorar su estado de salud o bienestar… Ante este contexto aclaramos que el turismo de salud no debe confundirse con medicina turística, pues esta última responde a la eventualidad de un turista que visita un país por razones de paseo o trabajo, es decir, se relaciona con las atenciones de emergencia que se le puedan presentar durante su estadía.

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la piattaforma del turismo medicale

Feb 17, 2018

Nasce Health Lombardy, la piattaforma del turismo medicale

Promuovere l’eccellenza sanitaria e attrarre il turismo medicale. Nasce con questi obiettivi il primo portale italiano dedicato al medical tourism. La piattaforma ha preso vita in Lombardia su iniziativa del Gruppo Sanità di Assolombardia e prende il nome di Health Lombardy.

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Wellness World

Jan 10, 2018

Add Swiss To Your Shine

Try surfing online and you will be inundated with medical tourism offerings of every ilk. From cosmetic surgery to dental treatments, countries as diverse as Hungary, Thailand and China are aggressively promoting themselves in a sector that is seeing rapid expansion worldwide.

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International Living

Dec 5, 2017

Save Thousands as a Medical Tourist in These 5 Countries

Affordable healthcare isn’t a myth. In fact, if you look beyond U.S. borders you’ll find healthcare systems in other countries that are equally as good—if not better—than what you get at home. And you won’t have to remortgage your house to stay healthy. As more and more people are realizing better and faster healthcare is available at a fraction of the cost, a growing number of them are opting to take advantage of what’s called medical tourism. It’s not uncommon for these medical tourists to save tens of thousands of dollars—or even more—on medical treatments without sacrificing on quality.

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Dominican Today

Jan 6, 2017

From the Dominican Republic to the World: United Telemedicine Network

The Dominican Republic has long been one of the most popular destinations in the Caribbean for Americans and Europeans to escape and enjoy its beautiful beaches, mountains, cultural heritage and gastronomy.

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New York Times

Jan 2, 2017

Americans May See Appeal of Medical Tourism in Cuba

HAVANA — Anuja Agrawal jumped on the phone. President Obama had just announced that he would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba — and Ms Agrawal, who runs a medical tourism company in Orlando, Fla., did not want to miss her opening.

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Dec 14, 2016

Travel Abroad for Low-Cost Care

You could save money on cosmetic surgery, dental procedures and other treatments by travelling to another country.

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Health Journal

Nov 5, 2016

Medical Tourism: The Not-So-Fun Vacation

When Sandy Pradas’ dentist advised $7,000 worth of dental work, Pradas thought of the yoga retreats she’d led to Costa Rica. “I knew that a lot of people went there for dental work as well as other procedures, so I started doing research.” She found that for $3,200 she could get all her dental work done, plus take a two-week vacation.

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Nov 1, 2016

Saudi Arabia seeks public-private partnerships for medical tourism proposal

When Faisal Banjar founded Arabian Gulf Medical Tourism Agency he secured what he thought was an important contract with the 600-bed Dr Soliman Fakeeh Hospital to bring foreign patients for treatment and capitalise on the $40 billion-a-year (Dh147 billion) medical tourism industry.

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Redaccion Medica

Oct 30, 2016

España ingresa en el 'top 5' europeo de turismo sanitario

España está en el ‘top 5’ de los mejores destinos de turismo médico de la Unión Europea, tal y como ha premiado la Medical Tourism Association durante la 9º Edición del Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress celebrada en Washington.

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Business Mirror

Oct 29, 2016

PHL seeks bigger share in $72-B global medical-tourism market

THE Philippines is poised to take advantage of the $72-billion global medical tourism market, by positioning itself as a provider of excellent and affordable hospital care and medical treatments.

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Die Presse

Oct 28, 2016

Reise-Kombi Gesundheit und Kultur

Das Zahnimplantat an der ungarischen Grenze, das Augenlasern in Prag und der Trip zum Beauty-Doc in Polen: Der sogenannte Medizintourismus hält sich in Ländern mit großzügigen Krankenversicherungen wie Österreich oder Deutschland zwar in Grenzen; wenn es um Behandlungen geht, die selbst zu zahlen sind, begibt sich aber auch manch heimischer Patient auf Reisen, um Kosten zu sparen. In Ländern, in denen die Gesundheitsversorgung grundsätzlich schlecht ist, hohe Selbstbehalte zu entrichten sind und/oder viele Menschen keine oder nur mangelhafte Versicherungen haben, nehmen diese Reisen dagegen weitaus größere Ausmaße an. So haben beispielsweise kanadische Zahnärzten jede Menge US-amerikanische Kunden, und auch in heimischen Krankenhäusern wie dem AKH sind bekanntlich gelegentlich ausländische Größen zu Gast.

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Guru Focus

Oct 21, 2016

Todd Denkin of Digipath Inc. to Present on Lab Testing and Product Safety as Puerto Rico Hosts International Cannabis Conference

SAN JUAN, PUERTO RICO--(Marketwired - Oct 17, 2016) - Digipath Inc. (OTCQB: DIGP) today reported that on Tuesday, October 18th and Wednesday, October 19th, 2016, Puerto Rico MedCann.Biz will host Puerto Rico's second official international cannabis conference, as Puerto Rico becomes the fourth jurisdiction in Latin America to enter into the medical cannabis trade. The $3 billion a year medical cannabis industry in the United States could provide the economic stimulus and job growth that Puerto Rico's citizens are looking for in 2016 and beyond. Todd Denkin, president and COO of Digipath Inc. and Digipath Labs, will be speaking to the crowd about the importance of cannabis lab testing.

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Sun Star

Oct 18, 2016

Medical travelers to Cebu draw celebrity doctors

Doctor to the stars. Pie Calayan is at the Manny and Pie Calayan clinic every Monday with her husband to administer medical and surgical procedures. The couple felt the growing interest in beauty and wellness made it important for them to be present in Cebu. CLICK TO READ MORE

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Galenus Revista

Oct 11, 2016

Reconocimiento al Turismo Médico de Puerto Rico en foro internacional.

La Asociación de Turismo Médico de Puerto Rico recibió el premio 2016 Global Accreditation Destination of the Year Award otorgado por la Medical Tourism Association en el 9º Congreso Mundial que se celebró en Washington D.C. En ese evento Puerto Rico estuvo representado por una delegación de oficiales del gobierno y de la empresa privada. El Director Ejecutivo de la Corporación de Turismo Médico de Puerto Rico (CTM), Francisco G. Bonet, expresó que ya se han certificado más de 50 empresas del sector de servicios de salud como hospitales, dentistas, laboratorios, clínicas, hoteles, entre otros.

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International Living

Aug 4, 2016

Save Thousands as a Medical Tourist in These 5 Countries

Affordable healthcare isn’t a myth. In fact, if you look beyond U.S. borders you’ll find healthcare systems in other countries that are equally as good—if not better—than what you get at home. And you won’t have to remortgage your house to stay healthy.

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China Travel News

Apr 9, 2016

Medical tourism potential rooted from Chinese healthcare shortage

The broader market for healthcare services and medical tourism is luring foreign investors to China even when hospitals of the world's second-largest economy are struggling to make healthcare available for patients.

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Diario De Puerto Rico

Apr 5, 2016

Apuestan al Turismo Médico Porta del Sol

MAYAGÜEZ – La Compañía de Turismo de Puerto Rico (CTPR), en colaboración con la Corporación de Turismo Médico de Puerto Rico (CTM), llevó a cabo un evento recientemente para ofrecer la información, capacitación y beneficios que provee el Turismo a diversos proveedores de servicios médicos de la Región Porta del Sol: como personal de hospitales, médicos, enfermeros y personal de oficinas médicas, entre otros, informó el jueves, la directora ejecutiva de la CTPR, Ingrid Rivera Rocafort.

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Feb 14, 2016

Plastic surgery in Mauritius - the ultimate medical vacation

(CNN)- Dr Javed Dawreeawo is learning about cultural differences through his clients. "My Chinese patients often want face procedures, like double eyelid surgery," says the plastic surgeon. "With the British, breast augmentation is more popular. For Dubai patients, it is always liposuction." Dawreewo says that bookings are rising sharply at his clinic in Plaines Wilhelms, central Mauritius, with clients arriving from across the world.

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Orlando Sentinel

Jan 19, 2016

Can Central Florida become medical tourism destination?

About a third of Dr Richard Klein's patients come to him from outside of Florida to receive vascular lymph node transfer surgery under his care at UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health. For some, this is the second or third trip to the area, but this time they come here "for the sun, theme parks and for surgery," he wrote in an op-ed published in LiveScience.

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The Costa Rica Star

Jan 13, 2016

Dental Tourism for U.S. Millennials in Costa Rica

Tourists who come to Costa Rica seeking affordable dental procedures are getting younger and more attuned to the idea of going abroad for treatment, and this is a trend that can be expected to expand this decade.

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JDSUPRA Business Advisor

Jan 10, 2016

Traveling for Medical Care — The Increasing Popularity of Medical Tourism

Malaysia is becoming a world medical hub yet Malaysians are seeking treatment abroad. Sunday Star talks to stakeholders about growing the domestic medical market. BEST Country in the World For Healthcare in International Living’s Global Retirement Index 2015. Medical Travel Destination of the Year 2015 in the International Medical Travel Journal. The 2015 Public-Private Partnership Medical Travel Destination of the Year at the 8th Annual World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. Guess which country won all these accolades? Would you believe, Malaysia? Not only do our hospitals and healthcare facilities meet international standards but they do so at rates cheap enough to have foreigners flocking here to use them. Malaysians, however, are going overseas for medical and aesthetic procedures.

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South Florida Business Journal

Dec 23, 2015

How South Florida can become more competitive for medical travelers

South Florida’s hospitals are losing global business because they mainly focus on local competition, says Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association. She told the Business Journal that South Florida can potentially have the strongest medical tourism market statewide, but hospitals have to buy into collective marketing efforts, rather than continuing to operate independently to attract travellers coming to South Florida for medical procedures.

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The Bulletin (Central Oregon)

Dec 22, 2015

Former Bend hospital administrator launches medical tourism company

Kyle Johnson always wanted to be an entrepreneur and even won a local startup contest with a dental appointments app. He didn’t follow through on the idea, though, because striking out on his own was too scary. It was scarier than raising three children or doing three combat tours as a U.S. Marine, Johnson said. The former St. Charles Health System administrator finally mustered the courage last summer and in January will launch a medical tourism website, MedicalBnB. Johnson said the goal is to make traveling to a foreign country to save money on surgery or dentistry easier for consumers. “You start to create the global health network,” Johnson said. “Maybe that will put some downward pressure on the pricing in the U.S. I don’t know, but that’s what my hope is.”

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Caribbean News Digital

Dec 20, 2015

República Dominicana se promocionará como destino de turismo de Salud

Un acuerdo interinstitucional para trabajar de manera conjunta en la promoción de República Dominicana como destino de turismo de salud e inversión, fue firmado por la Asociación Dominicana de Turismo de la Salud (ADTS) y el Cuerpo Consular Acreditado en la República Dominicana (CCARD). Alejandro cambiaso, presidente de la ADTS y la decana del Cuerpo Consular, Sonia Villanueva de Brouwer, suscribieron el documento que incluye la promoción conjunta de la “Guía de Turismo Médico y Bienestar de República Dominicana”, publicación de la Medical Tourism Association (MTA), que avala al país como destino de salud internacional.

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South Florida Business Journal

Oct 26, 2015

Attracting the world’s medical tourists to South Florida

Medical tourists must be better understood before they can be drawn to South Florida.

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Star Tribune

Oct 25, 2015

Minnesota's one and only medical tourism broker

The list of Minnesota brokers who are certified to arrange international medical tourism is a short one. It’s Maria Maldonado. The owner of Trip4Care in Minneapolis, Maldonado specializes in sending people to Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Costa Rica and Colombia for surgeries, dental care and fertility treatments. Maldonado’s lonely position in the market reflects the struggles of medical tourism, despite predictions a decade ago that it would become a major alternative to America’s increasingly unaffordable health care. While procedures such as hip replacements still can be obtained cheaply in India, Thailand and other countries, that advantage has been eroded by federal changes that expanded health insurance to millions of Americans, and by large U.S. hospitals muscling into the business with their own domestic tourism services.

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Bahama Islands Info

Oct 23, 2015

Medical tourism still growing under Obamacare

As the global medical tourism sector continues to experience phenomenal growth, Grand Bahama Island and more specifically, the City of Freeport is hoping to capitalise on this $100 billion industry. With the recent opening of the Okyanos Stem Cell Therapy facility on Grand Bahama, executives at The Grand Bahama Port Authority, Limited (GBPA), believe that Freeport is well-positioned to capture a portion of the Health Tourism market, especially considering our proximity to neighbouring North America.

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The Bulletin

Oct 22, 2015

Medical tourism still growing under Obamacare

A slew of dental offices and pharmacies line a block of shops selling metal lawn sculptures shaped like donkeys, and handcrafted red and white Mexican dresses popular with American tourists. Many visitors bypass the shops and head straight for the pharmacies and dentists strategically located just a few steps from the border crossing.

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Fierce Healthcare

Oct 21, 2015

As inbound medical tourism picks up, concerns about overseas care remain

Medical tourism is increasingly becoming a two-way street. Americans aren't just seeking lower-cost health services abroad, but patients from all over the world are also more willing to travel overseas for top-notch, full-price U.S. healthcare. But opportunities and concerns surrounding the trend are attracting attention from industry leaders, investors and politicians.

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The Yucatan Times

Oct 19, 2015

Yucatan present at the Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress

The Government of the State of Yucatan participated as a Silver Sponsor with an important delegation to promote the state as a key destination in Latin America for patients from around the world and as an ideal venue for companies and corporations dedicated to the health industry. With more than 3,000 participants of which at least 200 were medical services, buyers, the Orange County Convention Center became for two days the most important global platform to generate quotes and rapprochement with the strongest players in the medical tourism sector, that last year only, accounted for an income of more than three billion U.S. dollars for Mexico, which by the way, is in second place of the world ranking, only behind Thailand and even above the the U.S.

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Orlando Sentinel

Oct 18, 2015

Orlando an emerging destination for medical tourism

Medical Tourism Association has recognized Orlando as the medical tourism Emerging Destination of the Year. “Top-notch healthcare in Orlando remains an important reason why many people -- including an ever-present and growing senior population -- buy homes, rentals and retirement properties and start businesses in the region,” said Renée-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association, in a news release.

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El Dia

Oct 14, 2015

Rep. Dominicana lanza primera guía de destino de turismo de salud y bienestar de Latinoamérica

En el marco de la celebración del VIII Congreso Mundial de Turismo Médico de la Medical Tourism Association (MTA) fue puesta en circulación la primera guía de turismo de salud y bienestar de la República Dominicana, y a su vez de Latinoamérica. En el evento, celebrado del 27 al 30 de septiembre de 2015, en el Orange County Convention Center, por primera vez, los principales centros de salud de República Dominicana se unieron con el objetivo de posicionar al país a nivel internacional como el principal destino turístico médico y de inversión del Caribe.

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Sep 17, 2015

Rep. Dominicana lanza primera guía de destino de turismo de salud y bienestar de Latinoamérica

When Julie Thiets heard that the Supreme Court had upheld the Affordable Care Act’s federal subsidies in the landmark case King v. Burwell this summer, she screamed with relief. “I felt like I’d won the lottery!” she says. The Decatur, Georgia, video services provider is just one of the roughly 8 million people nationwide who need the subsidies to buy health insurance through the insurance marketplace established by the 2010 health care law. “Without that insurance, my rheumatoid arthritis bills would have wiped us out,” she says. “My husband and I would have lost our business and our home.”

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Vally News Live

Sep 15, 2015

Medical Tourism Hits Home For One Fargo Woman

Many travel across the ocean to explore, escape and take it easy. But there's another reason to travel, each year, more than 750,000 people living in the U.S., head to another country for medical care. Melissa Kava's family and friends from Fargo came to wish her the best after her surgery. "She's been to specialist, all over Canada, U.S. and Mexico and no one could help her," says Kava's Brother Michael Rognlien. She's battling blindness. She has 22% of her sight in one eye and completely blind in the other. They were refereed to a specialist in the United Kingdom and her family managed to send her there. The surgery will stop the deterioration but her family says she can't drive, work or focus on something for too long.

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Becker's Spine Review

Sep 11, 2015

How the global healthcare economy will impact US providers: 5 key trends

The healthcare economy is turning into a global economy and providers in the United States are already competing with facilities in countries like India and Thailand for patients. Patients can travel overseas for services including orthopaedic procedures and heart surgeries where costs are significantly lower than surgery in the United States and wait times are shorter. India and Thailand are leading destinations with local hospitals catering to medical tourists.

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Caribbean News

Sep 9, 2015

Turismo de salud une grandes centros dominicanos

Cuatro grandes centros de salud en República Dominicana unieron sus fortalezas para ofrecer a pacientes extranjeros y nacionales que residen en el exterior sus principales servicios médicos, lo que permitirá posicionar al país como destino turístico médico en el Caribe.

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California Broker Magazine

Sep 7, 2015

Medical Tourism Certification: Knowledge Insures a Difference

His heart was ticking. So, too, was his time. Pablo Concepcion had to find a hospital that would enable him to receive a desperately needed heart transplant. Anytime soon would do. The 58-year-old Miami resident driver didn’t want to wait any longer. He was a little worried that his deteriorating condition would not elevate him beyond the status of tens of patients like him waiting for the gift of life in the United States. So, Concepcion and his wife did what not many might do, but what government officials and healthcare interests in Puerto Rico hope many more may someday do: they boarded a plane from Florida for the island and a hospital that would perform heart transplant surgery.

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South Florida Business Journal

Aug 5, 2015

How South Florida can become more competitive for medical travelers

South Florida’s hospitals are losing global business because they mainly focus on local competition, says Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association. She told the Business Journal that South Florida can potentially have the strongest medical tourism market statewide, but hospitals have to buy into collective marketing efforts, rather than continuing to operate independently to attract travellers coming to South Florida for medical procedures.

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Entorno Inteligente

Aug 3, 2015

Certifican hoteles en turismo médico

Los hoteles Caribe Hilton y Condado Plaza Hilton lograron certificarse en turismo médico en la categoría de hospederías, los primeros en la Isla, mientras autoridades públicas y privadas intensifican las gestiones para repuntar la industria en este segmento. Jonathan Edelheit, principal oficial ejecutivo de la Medical Tourism Association (MTA), cuya sede es en Florida, informó que ambas hospederías obtuvieron resultados satisfactorios para la certificación, mediante la Iniciativa de Servicios a Pacientes Internacionales y el Programa de Formación y Certificación de WellHotel.

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Market Watch

Jul 27, 2015

Medical Tourism Association® Awards WellHotel™ Certification to First Enterprises in Puerto Rico

The hospitality industry in Puerto Rico took a significant step toward positioning the island as a prime destination for health and wellness travel when the Caribe Hilton and Condado Plaza Hilton were certified as a WellHotel™ after completing an intensive training and evaluation program offered through the Medical Tourism Association®, the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corporation and Medical Tourism Association® announced today.

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Jul 25, 2015

Auburn Mill to Become Medical Facility for Chinese Tourists

A former shoe mill here is set to become a five-star medical tourism facility that caters to wealthy Chinese. The plan was announced Friday morning at a press conference in which a Chinese investment company, Central Maine Medical Center and city and state officials heralded what they call a unique opportunity.

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Bavaro News

Jul 24, 2015

UNIBE Busca capacitar especialistas en turismo de salud

Para dar a conocer los planes y la oferta que tiene el país en cuanto al tema, realizaron la video conferencia con Cristina Cardona, ejecutiva de la Medical Tourism Association (MTA), o Asociación de Turismo Medico. La actividad se realizó el pasado 16 de julio y fue transmitida de manera simultánea en UNIBE Santo Domingo y en UNIBE Recinto Cap Cana, contando con la presencia de importantes personalidades del sector salud, así como hoteleros, representantes de agencias de viaje, aseguradoras y profesionales de industria complementaria relacionadas al turismo de salud.

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Orlando Business Journal

Jul 22, 2015

Medical tourism: Orlando’s emerging attraction

Orlando has another attraction that has its own set of stories and memories worth boasting about. Medical tourism is not usually mentioned in the same breath as Walt Disney World, Universal Studios or sunny beaches, but it should and could very well be someday.

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News Channel 3 - West Michigan CBS

Jul 21, 2015

Special Report: Operation Vacation

According to the CDC, around 750,000 people in the U.S. travel abroad for care each year. Newschannel 3's Jessica Harthorn talked to a nurse from Portage, who went to Tijuana, Mexico for a surgery that changed her life. It's called "medical tourism," a fancy name for travelling to another country for medical care. Advocates say patients can save up to 70 percent when signing up for everything from plastic surgery to heart surgery.

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Middle Market Growth

Jul 17, 2015

Traveling for Treatment

Transparency and access to information are essential for good decision-making by consumers, yet the health care industry remains opaque in many ways. For some patients, seeking care outside their local markets may lead to better outcomes at a lower cost. To pursue such care, however, they need to know the options available, as well as the price and level of quality, all of which can be difficult to assess. The Medical Tourism Association formed in 2007 to make that information more readily ccessible to patients - whether they're Americans seeking care in a different U.S. region or outside the country, or foreign nationals traveling to the United States for care as well as to other stakeholders, including health care providers, employer and insurance companies.

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Jul 14, 2015

Argentina, uno de los destinos más buscados para el "turismo médico"

La Argentina es uno de los destinos más buscados de la región para el turismo médico gracias a ventajas competitivas del país, su excelencia profesional y su variada oferta turística. En el marco del acuerdo firmado entre OSDE y el Ministerio de Turismo para desarrollar la actividad en el país, las principales autoridades del turismo médico mundial, reunidos en la Medical Tourism Association (ATM), se reunirán en Mendoza el 14 de julio próximo.

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El Tiemp Latino

Jun 15, 2015

Empresas internacionales del campo médico se interesan en explorar oportunidades de negocio en Puerto Rico.

Más de 30 empresas de servicios de salud de Estados Unidos, Latinoamérica y Canadá, interesadas en explorar oportunidades de negocio en el mercado del turismo médico en la Isla junto a cientos de empresarios del sector médico y proveedores de salud locales participaron del primer foro de turismo médico en Puerto Rico, el Caribe Health Summit.

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Bloomberg Business

Jun 12, 2015

Patients Get Extreme to Obtain Hepatitis Drug That's 1% the Cost Outside U.S.

This is how far one Express Scripts Holding Co. executive was willing to go to secure inexpensive versions of Gilead Sciences Inc.’s hepatitis C drug Sovaldi, unavailable to U.S. consumers under federal drug import and patent laws. His plan: Dock a cruise ship flying an Indian flag off the coast of Miami. Stock the ship with versions of Sovaldi sold in India for $83,000 less than the U.S. retail price for 12 weeks of treatment. Ferry U.S. patients to the boat and send them home with the potentially life-saving medicines at a huge discount.

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Middle East Health Magazine

May 25, 2015

US hospitals forge close ties with Middle East

New prosthetic limbs are definitely on the cards for a pair of Gaza twins born with dysfunctional limbs, but that’s for the not too - distant future when they grow older. Just taking their first steps a few years ago, was a miracle in itself. Itaf Shallouf’s daughters, Lamise and Rimas, suffered from a type of congenital deficiency that left them without the tibia bones in their lower legs, and it was feared they would never stand. But today the Shallouf girls are walking, albeit gingerly, thanks to a medical tourism experience that took them from the Middle East to the United States for a series of surgeries and prosthetic fittings at Shriner’s Hospital for Children in Los Angeles.

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Gulf Business

May 23, 2015

Revealed: Top 10 Medical Tourism Destinations In The World

Dubai is currently ranked 17 out of 25 countries in terms of its attractiveness as a global medical tourism hub, according to a new index. The Medical Tourism Index (MTI), developed by the International Healthcare Research Centre and Medical Tourism Association, measured the attractiveness of a destination or a country based on three key dimensions including its environment, medical tourism industry, facility and service, along with 34 underlying indicators.

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South FLorida Caribbean News

May 22, 2015

Medical Tourism: The Next Frontier in Jamaican Hospitality

Renee Marie Stephano, Founder and President of the Medical Tourism Association shared her perspectives at the “Managing Jamaica’s Economic Future” session at JAMPRO’s Jamaica Investment Forum 2015. Medical Tourism, which represents an approximately US$100 billion market, is expected to become one of Jamaica’s leading areas for international investment as demand increases in developed countries. The expansion of this industry will form a critical part of Jamaica’s strategy for economic growth.

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Apr 21, 2015

A Disruptive Practice: Lawmakers Consider Direct Payments To Primary Care Doctors

Plans to fund marketing efforts promoting medical tourism had been languishing, but are getting a boost due to their attachment to the direct primary care proposal. The combined proposal is generating bipartisan support as they move through the legislative process.

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Dominican Today

Mar 14, 2015

Dominican Republic looks to bolster health tourism

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Republic’s Export and Investment Center (CEI-RD) on Friday announced support for the Dominican Health Tourism Association’s (ADTS) 1st Forum, which aims to position the country as a health destination and explore investment and financing options in that sector.

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Mar 11, 2015

Surgical Centers Are Quickly Becoming the Hot New Travel Destination

Some US health insurers have initiated medical tourism programs for members who enrolled in self-funded health plans. Their rationale is that despite airfare and accommodations, savings can be large

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The New York Times

Feb 17, 2015

Americans May See Appeal of Medical Tourism in Cuba

HAVANA - Anuja Agrawal jumped on the phone. President Obama had just announced that he would restore diplomatic relations with Cuba - and Ms Agrawal, who runs a medical tourism company in Orlando, Fla., did not want to miss her opening. She reached a health care administrator in Cuba, agreeing to move ahead with a deal that they had been discussing for months in the hope that American patients could soon start travelling to the island for medical treatment.

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Tulsa World

Feb 15, 2015

John R. Graham: How medical tourism could save us all money

One of the most under-reported medical success stories in recent years has been the increase in medical tourism: travelling abroad to get high-quality care at a fraction of what it would cost in the United States.

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The Washington Post

Feb 10, 2015

How domestic medical tourism could save us all money

One of the most under-reported medical success stories in recent years has been the increase in medical tourism: travelling abroad to get high-quality care at a fraction of what it would cost in the United States. While going overseas for care isn’t for most people, it certainly should make us wonder why we don’t encourage Americans, especially Medicare recipients whose bills are largely paid by taxpayers, to at least shop around in their own states or communities.

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WPTV - West Palm Beach

Jan 20, 2015

Local Floridian Travels to Costa Rica for Dental Tourism

Some Americans, like Melissa Freihofer, feel their dollar will go a long way overseas. As a surprise for her birthday, her friends & family put together funds to treat her on a much-deserved trip to Costa Rica. Melissa will get her teeth fixed at Meza Dental, located in Costa Rica a country popular with American tourists, known for its beauty, but also for its dentists. Melissa will be rejuvenating her smile through two sessions that will replace her teeth with a full set of implants totalling $22,000 including travel and accommodations; at a fraction of the cost for the same treatment in the states.

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Yucatán Ahora

Jan 13, 2015

Inician planes para aprovechar turismo médico

Debido a Yucatán es punta de lanza en servicio médico privado, empresarios locales y estadounidenses trabajarán de manera conjunta para establecer estrategias de desarrollo para aprovechar el turismo médico.

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WPTV - West Palm Beach

Jan 12, 2015

Inbound Medical Tourism from Bosnia | St Mary's Medical Center - West Palm Beach

People already flock to Florida for the warm weather and beautiful beaches, but now lawmakers want to allure tourist to visit the state for another reason. News Channel 5's Jamel Lanee' shows us why medical tourism will be at the top of the list during the next legislative session.

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The Street

Jan 10, 2015

Medical tourism might be just the ticket

Even with a good health plan, saving money on medical expenses can be tough. Deductibles, co-insurance and copays add up quickly. And elective procedures may not be covered at all. Note that open enrollment for individual and family plans ends on Feb. 15. Here are essential facts to know if you're buying a health plan. But here's one way to beat your health insurance and get that needed dental work or bariatric surgery: Go abroad.

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Associations NOW

Dec 22, 2014

What The Doctor Ordered: Rest & Relaxation

Increasingly, patients are opting to combine serious medical procedures (and their long recoveries) with vacations. There’s even a term for it: medical tourism. And one trade group is working to stay out in front of this growing industry.

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The Guardian

Dec 21, 2014

US states vie to lure medical tourists seeking healthcare alongside vacations

Cynthia Losen couldn’t find a surgeon near her suburban Virginia home who could ease her debilitating pain from lymphedema, a condition stemming from lymph node removal in cancer surgery. So, after shopping around for doctors, she decided to seek treatment at UF Health Cancer Center – Orlando Health, a hospital she trusted that took her insurance.

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Business Traveller

Dec 19, 2014

Bill of Health

Unless you’re on a comprehensive insurance plan, health care can be either horrifically expensive or require excruciatingly long waiting times under national systems. “Medical tourism” – travelling across international borders for health care – has emerged in recent years as a cheaper, viable alternative for those looking to take their health into their own hands, with Asian nations leading the charge.

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Sky Delta Magazine

Dec 17, 2014

A Medical Tourism Checklist

Before you make a firm decision to pack a suitcase and head off to some far-away hospital for a medical procedure, Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the West Palm Beach, Florida-based Medical Tourism Association advises asking these questions first...

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Dec 15, 2014

Israel a world leader in medical tourism

Medical Tourism Index ranks Israel alongside Canada and UK as one of the most attractive destinations for medical travel in 2014. The industry generates more than NIS 1 billion a year in income.

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Global Health and Travel

Dec 10, 2014

Commercial Surrogacy In Thailand: In Limbo

In August, media reports of an Australian couple who allegedly abandoned their child born with down syndrome through a Thai surrogate mother shed light on Thailand’s lax regulations regarding commercial surrogacy, prompting the country’s newly empowered military government to take action.

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The Gulf Today

Nov 11, 2014

UAE ranked 16th as medical tourist destination, can potentially reach 5th

The UAE ranked 16th as a preferred destination for Medical Tourism and has the potential to be in the top five, say experts. Renee Marie-Stephano, the president of the Medical Tourism Association, said there may be new demands for trends in treatments and destinations in medical travel. However, there are untapped niche target market opportunities within medical tourism.

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Providence Journal

Nov 10, 2014

Joseph M. McNamara: Healing patients, helping R.I. economy

The Rhode Island Medical Technology Innovation Act, which I sponsored in the House of Representatives, was developed to address regulations that presented impediments to providing good health care services to state residents. The new law corrects previous delays in responding to a new business entering Rhode Island and eliminates a major roadblock to firms involved in new, evolving kinds of health-care services from coming to Rhode Island.

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Washington Business Journal

Oct 20, 2014

The White House. The Washington Monument. Surgery? D.C. officials plan to launch new medical tourism program

D.C. officials plan to launch a new global medical tourism initiative, one highlighting hospitals alongside monuments and hotels, in a bid to attract visitors and get a cut of a $15 billion industry.

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Health Law Gurus

Oct 19, 2014

No Kidding: Overseas Medical Tourism Is Well Worth Trip

Surgery was on his bucket list, but Bruce Ryan didn’t want to wait until he retired to repair his debilitating and painful rotator cuff injury. The 59-year-old construction manager could have traveled the six hours to Stanford Medical Center – considered one of the top facilities in the United States. He had other reservations, instead.

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Start-Up Israel

Oct 18, 2014

Israel ranks high as a medical tourism destination

Israel ranks as one of the world’s best places for foreigners to get medical care, according to an authoritative annual report. The Medical Tourism Index (MTI) ranks Israel highest in a survey of 25 of the most popular destinations for medical tourism for care, services, and best patient experiences and third overall as the best place for non-Israelis to get medical care.

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Jamaica Observer

Oct 17, 2014

Planned hospital should raise country's rep in medical tourism

The planned tourist hospital and related infrastructure should raise Jamaica's reputation as a medical tourism destination and hike foreign currency earnings, according to the US-based Medical Tourism Association.

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CBS Money Watch

Oct 15, 2014

Book a flight - and a hospital room

"Health care is focused on the super-specialization of services," Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association, said during a recent conference on the issue. "Patients are no longer looking to go to general hospitals if they have a specialized condition."

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South Florida Business Journal

Oct 10, 2014

Medical tourism: The next big trend in Florida health care

Patients who travel to find higher-quality or less expensive care are driving the future of the Florida health care industry, experts said Tuesday at the BioFlorida annual conference in Fort Lauderdale. The trend is called medical tourism, and Florida can jump aboard by providing specialized care that patients can’t find in any other part of the world, said Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association.

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TR Weekly

Sep 13, 2014

Singapore on top medical tourism list

Singapore gained an overall 4th place in the latest medical tourism ranking, the only Asian destination to reach the top five placements in a study of 25 nations, worldwide. Canada topped the overall medical tourism ranking with a score of 76.87 followed by the UK 74.85, Israel 74.17, Singapore 73.96 and Costa Rica 72.78, the International Healthcare Research Centre announced today.

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Sep 11, 2014

Camel walks through Gaylord National Resort

The camel was there as part of Medical Silk Road, a Health Summit of the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress. He or she was showcasing mobile health technology.

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News Is My

Sep 10, 2014

Puerto Rico partners with Medical Tourism Association

A collaboration between Puerto Rico and the U.S.-based Medical Tourism Association is the opening salvo in the island’s newly announced strategy to develop medical tourism as a vital economic sector. The stateside group has been contracted to certify professionals and facilities involved in the island’s medical tourism industry, Francisco Bonet, executive director of the Puerto Rico Medical Tourism Corp., told News Is My Business.

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European CEO

Sep 2, 2014

Europe benefits from healthcare tourism

Medical tourists from the US and beyond are revolutionising European healthcare markets, say President of the MTA Renée-Marie Stephano, and Executive Vice President of Dünyagöz Hospital Selin Yildirim Nestled in the heart of California’s Redwood region along the Pacific coast, Blue Lake Casino and Hotel is the kind of place people go to get away from it all. Bruce Ryan couldn’t wait to get away either.

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South China Morning Post

Aug 18, 2014

Treatments on the fly: Asia a top destination for medical tourism

When Hong Kong resident Brett Hinds chose to have an eye operation in Thailand last year, he wasn't only motivated by the cheaper cost of the surgery. The treatment, called ReLEx, was a form of laser surgery unavailable in Hong Kong at the time. "Quality and trust in the service provider influenced my decision - cost was a factor but not the biggest one," says Hinds, who declined to give his real name.

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China Daily

Aug 17, 2014

US firm invests in Chinese medical tourism provider

Only a few Chinese companies provide medical tourism overseas. Saint Lucia has signed agreements with top hospitals in the US, United Kingdom, Germany, South Korea and Singapore. The company has already worked with Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston and the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota in the US, and Wellington and Royal Brompton Hospitals in the UK.

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Houston Chronical

Aug 16, 2014

International patients boost Houston's medical economy

Mexican businessman Juan Payan and his wife, Martha, arrived in Houston almost three months ago and have accrued about $300,000 in expenses to ensure they have the best Houston has to offer.

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Santa Fe Local News

Aug 14, 2014

Foreign patients boost Houston’s medical economy

Mexican businessman Juan Payan and his wife, Martha, arrived in Houston almost three months ago and have accrued about $300,000 in expenses to ensure they have the best Houston has to offer.“Health doesn’t have a price,” Payan said through interpreter Javier Paredes, the patient liaison assigned to assist him. The Texas Medical Center is becoming more focused on patients like Payan and the estimated 20,000 other foreign visitors who travel to Houston annually for medical care. It’s part of a renewed effort to capture a bigger share of the multibillion-dollar global medical tourism industry.

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Luxury Hoteliers Magazine

Aug 13, 2014

Wellness Tourism Takes Off in Luxury Markets

Think of luxury travel and thoughts of fancy yachts, exotic island hideaways or posh resorts immediately come to mind. Continue to follow the truly affluent, who only desire to eat, drink, and be merry while pampering in lavish surroundings. While this may be an accurate perception of some in this rarified camp, painting all well-to-do with the same gilded brush is inaccurate. That’s because a growing number of luxury travellers opt for holistic-based travel experiences that cater to mind, body and spirit.

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California Broker Magazine

Aug 12, 2014

How Medical Tourism Has Been Boosted

In today's climate, it's not always easy to find a good doctor or an appropriate and affordable medical procedure. The federal health insurance exchanges, which have reduced patient options event further, haven't helped matters. A growing number of Americans and employers are seeking creative paths to inexpensive and first-rate healthcare. What they have found is not always available at their doorsteps but many miles away.

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Aug 9, 2014

International Luxury Hotel Association Conference Focuses on Millennials - Next Generation of Guests

In an age in which stylish accommodations – mixing leisure and wellness with corporate travel -- might not be enough to service the world's wealthiest and most demanding clientele, elite hoteliers from around the world and those who desire a place among them will commence competition to attract the next generation of guests at "Fast Forward 2020" Sept. 22-23, 2014, at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center, near Washington, D.C., the International Luxury Hotel Association, the conference's coordinator announced today.

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Vitals Blog

Jul 16, 2014

7 Reasons To Consider Medical Tourism

Surgery, healthcare, dental treatment and medications are often cheaper in other countries – much cheaper. Consider that a hip replacement costs about $40,000 on average in the U.S. The same procedure costs only $7,780 in Spain. In fact, the Medical Tourism Association says that most patients save 90% of the cost by travelling abroad.

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