Become a Certified Medical Tourism Professional (CMTP)

Aphora Health, Inc.

Aphora Health will bring more-affordable international healthcare to US markets through a digital health platform, delivering unquestionable quality and superior experience. We will reduce barriers to care by making high-cost surgeries easily accessible through partnerships with leading accredited global providers. Care continuity is ensured through home primary care and specialist coordination with international providers. Concierge Service with a detailed itinerary, door-to-door transportation, and companion accompaniment.

2829 Bank Knolls Drive Cary, NC 27519 USA | 9195245809

Be Slim Bariatric

Be Slim Bariatrics (BSB) is a US-based corporation offering weight loss surgery in Tijuana, Mexico – that covers every stage of the patient’s journey, from pre-op to post-op, no matter what bariatric surgery type: Gastric Sleeve, Gastric Bypass, Mini Gastric Bypass, Bariatric Revision Surgery! Our all-inclusive – no hidden fee packages cover ground transportation, pre-op test evaluation, hotel room, and hospital accommodation for you and your companion. Our packages also include your medication, nutrition program, and patient support.

Av. Rodolfo Sanchez Taboada No. 1701, Int. 1 Col, Zona Este, 22000 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico


Bookimed is an international medical tourism platform founded in 2014. The team finds the best healthcare solutions for the patients in top hospitals and arrange treatment for all medical needs worldwide. The platform provides access to high-quality healthcare for everyone — regardless of country, time frame, and budget. Over 800,000 patients from 210 countries have used the Bookimed service so far.

14/F Golden Centre 188 Des Voeux Road Central Hong Kong

Brno Medical

Brno Medical is a unique project in many regards. We aim to become a recognized medical destination which connects highly qualified medical treatment with outstanding tourism services. Portfolio of our partnered clinics consists only the best what Brno, the second largest city in Czech republic, can offer from fields such as IVF, Dental surgery, Ophthalmology, Plastic surgery, Orthopedics and Cardiology.

Radnická 2, 602 00 Brno Czech Republic

Caribbean Front Desk

Caribbean Front Desk is the Caribbean's first health facilitation website which manages the complete continuum of care of a medical tourists . We help visitors achieve wellness in Jamaica by booking and coordinating all their travel, medical and health and wellness activities on the island.

Bogue Estate, Montego Bay 2 P.O., St. James, Jamaica | 1(876) 482-3515


We are an outpatient medical center, focusing on chronic diseases, offering a comprehensive care model focused on the safety, quality, and experience of patients and their families. We rely on national and international processes, standards, and policies that guarantee the success of our purpose. We do not treat diseases, but patients, for whom our main objective is their health and well-being.

Av. Luperón esq. Clara María Pardo, San Gerónimo, Santo Domingo, República Dominicana

G.F.C Company

Medical Tourism Company.

plot 19,16th fllor, Justice Tower , Erbil, Iraq | Phone: +9647505662002

Instituto Espaillat Cabral

The Espaillat Cabral Institute was founded by Dr. Arnaldo Espaillat Cabral on April 1, 1970 as the first health center in the Dominican Republic dedicated to a single medical specialty: Ophthalmology.Scientific advancement in all areas of Ophthalmology, and a humane and dignified treatment of our patients are the cornerstones of the Institute.The Espaillat Cabral Institute was the first medical center in the Dominican Republic to use a microscope in eye surgery, and the first to have dedicated specialized operating rooms for ophthalmic procedures. The introduction of the latest advances in ophthalmic medical technology has been a constant at the Espaillat Cabral Institute throughout its history. Today, we continue at the forefront of Ophthalmology in our expanded facilities with the most modern diagnostic and surgical equipment, as well as the most qualified and up-to-date Ophthalmology staff in the Dominican Republic.

Av. Independencia 853, Zona Universitaria Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Health Tour Asia

As a Europe-based company member of the Medical Tourism Association in the US, we are on a mission to help patients achieve the stress-free healthcare treatment services they need and deserve wherever they are in Asia. Our Mission is always to provide economical health care services without any delay to our clients and refer them to the top best hospitals/clinics. Our Vision is to be the most trusted brand in medical tourism serving the health needs of our clients at economical costs. Our Values We believe in adding values in other's life and hence we put optimal efforts to match our patient expectations.

Harju maakond, Tallinn, Kesklinna linnaosa, Sakala tn 7-2, 10141

Hospital Clínica Bíblica

As a private hospital, we wish to offer you our specialties in medical services, both ambulatory and hospitalization, hand in hand with the best doctors in Costa Rica. At the Clínica Bíblica Hospital we are dedicated to life. We make a special effort daily to comply with national and international standards and to guarantee medical services of quality and our commitment to the environment.

Av. 14, Laberinto, San José, Costa Rica

Luxurique Inc.

Luxurique is a hospitality and events management company with almost a decade of experience curating bespoke luxury travel experiences in Japan. Our multilingual team is highly skilled at planning, producing and executing itineraries for independent travellers, wellness tourists and MICE events. Our clientele includes A-list celebrities, high-profile business owners and some of the world’s leading luxury brands who all trust us to deliver with efficiency, professionalism and discretion.

5-9-19-301 Minami-Azabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0047, Japan​ | Phone: 0081 3 6422 3770

Medijourn Solutions

Medijourn is Asia's largest Medical Value Travel (MVT) platform that partners with renowned hospitals around the world to create an organised ecosystem to improve patient treatment outcomes and enhanced experiences. Providing access to world-class facilities, to each and every person in need of healthcare at the most affordable rates.

The motto, “Exceptional care, every step” - is the goal for inspiration and purpose. Committed to bringing a paradigm shift to the global healthcare ecosystem through technological advancement, Medijourn aims to assist patients with convenient access to excellent healthcare services and specialized
consultations without any hassle.

Babukhan Millennium Center, 701, 7th Floor, North Block, Somajiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500082
Phone: +919154261066

Medical Tourism Australia

Medical Tourism Australia, headquarters in Queensland, connects International patients with top-tier private hospitals, clinics and medicals practitioners throughout Australia.

We are committed to providing exceptional healthcare to a diverse range of patients. We aim to facilitate access to outstanding medical care for international patients cost-effectively and efficiently. Our services include medical visa arrangements, transfers, accommodations and interpreter services, ensuring patients receive the best care.

477 Boundary Street, Spring Hill, Brisbane 4000, Australia | +61426996345

Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare

Network of Advanced Specialty Healthcare (NASH) is committed to providing exceptional, high-quality healthcare, with pricing that is bundled, transparent, and competitive. NASH accomplishes its mission by tapping into the finest in cross-border resources – from renowned physicians on either side of the border to state-of-the-art facilities. Headquartered in Omaha, NE, NASH is designed to provide pre-operative and post-operative services throughout the United States, clinical care in our Cancun location, Galenia Hospital and a best in class Specialty Medication program.

As a Center of Excellence in the Delivery of Healthcare, NASH focuses its efforts on quality and cost effectiveness on behalf of U.S. employers primarily, and the needs of their dedicated, hard-working employees in particular. Beginning with pre-operative evaluations in the United States, and ending with post-operative follow-through back in the United States, NASH performs the surgical step in the middle in a state-of-the-art, internationally accredited facility in Cancun – away from the competitively-restricted, price-inflated healthcare marketplace back in the U.S. In terms of medical specialties, NASH concentrates on orthopedics, including such procedures as a total hip and a total knee replacement as well as Specialty Pharmacy. Over time, NASH will expand into additional medical specialties.

2637 South 158th Plaza, Suite 230, Omaha NE 68130 | 1-833-833-6204

The Neuroscience Center, LLC

The Neuroscience Center began serving the general psychiatric & neuropsychiatric needs of patients over 50 years ago. While many of our patients experienced significant recovery through the use of traditional medication and therapy, a subset of people continued to struggle with Treatment-Resistant Illnesses, particularly depression and chronic pain syndromes.

With years of experience, TNC realized that brain injury including traumatic factors such as concussion and more obvious head injury; or non-traumatic factors such as stroke, substance use/misuse, co-morbid psychological issues such as learning disorders, vector-borne and similar conditions associated with pathogen exposure, sleep disorders, autoimmune conditions, and nutritional deficits/metabolic disorders contributed to the frustrating persistence of disabling symptoms and illnesses. Building an innovative clinic with multiple modalities to help people recover from these complex illnesses became our passion - it drives us to innovate & perfect the tools needed to assess & intervene.

440 Lake Cook Road, Deerfield, IL, USA 60015


TreVita is a U.S.-based Medical Tourism provider that offers premier concierge services to Americans looking for safe, simple and affordable medical procedures in Tijuana. With our team based in both San Diego, California as well as Tijuana, Mexico we are able to bring a US-quality experience at ex-US prices. While the cost of bariatric surgery in Tijuana, Mexico is a benefit of Medical Tourism, our primary goal at TreVita is to help our clients achieve their weight-loss goals. We believe that to accomplish this we must promote our 3 pillars, Safe, Simple, and Affordable. Our entire process is client-focused to support your well-being at every step of your weight loss journey with us, including personalized post-op care after surgery. Our partner surgeons and facilities are located in Zona Rio, one of the best and safest areas of Tijuana. Zona Rio is home to the health services industry and is the main modern district in Tijuana. It is located about 1 mile from the U.S-Mexico border and only 9 miles away from TreVita headquarters. Our dedicated team of experts is here to support you through the entire process. Call us today at (866) 548-8939 or visit our website to learn more about our all-inclusive pricing packages and financing options.

Diego Rivera 2311-Interior 601, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

The Health Store Turkey

The Health Store Turkey is a licensed Medical Tourism Provider and Facilitator. Our experienced team works directly with a carefully selected group of Turkey’s leading hospitals to bring you world class medical care at extremely affordable prices. If you are considering medical tourism as an alternative to lengthy waiting lists for public healthcare or if you simply can’t afford the astronomical prices of private hospitals, then you’ve come to the right place. Your health and happiness are too important to delay. The Health Store Turkey could be the answer for you.

Çınar, Üniversite Cd. 103/C, 35090 Bornova/İzmir, Turkey

Obesity Control Center

OCC is the world-famous state-of-the-art Joint Commission accredited weight loss surgery center founded by Dr Ariel Ortiz®. With over 20 years of experience and 23,000 successful bariatric surgeries performed, Obesity Control Center is considered a world leader in weight loss surgery. Using the most modern technology, innovative techniques, comprehensive post-op support, and following the highest US safety standards, OCC helps people from around the globe achieve their weight loss goals, becoming members of the #OCCFamily for life.

P.º de los Héroes 9111 #100, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, 22010 Tijuana, B.C., Mexico

Ponderas Academic Hospital

Ponderas Academic Hospital is located in Bucharest and it is an integrated diagnostic and treatment center with 9 international accreditations from both European and American societies, also being the first and only multidisciplinary hospital in Romania accredited by Joint Commission International for the safety and quality of the medical act. With an experience of over 11 years, we are offering our patients medical programs for prevention, complete evaluation, therapeutic planning, all types of surgeries for all pathologies followed by appropriate postoperative treatment and long-term follow-up.

85th Nicolae G.Caramfil Street, Bucharest , Romania | Phone: 0040213010770

Universal Medical Travel

Universal Medical Travel is a Medical Tourism agency that refers patients to highly skilled healthcare providers at accredited healthcare facilities worldwide. Our company has partnered with Healthcare Facilities/Medical Providers worldwide, enabling our agency to refer patients to the best doctors and healthcare facilities for various medical and dental procedures.

Our mission at Universal Medical Travel is to make sure our clients receive the highest level of healthcare services at an affordable cost. Each client is assigned to a patient care coordinator who plans, coordinates, and manages every step of your medical tourism trip from beginning to end to ensure a successful outcome and a happy patient!

Our agency also offers clients Medical Loan Financing, Medical Tourism Complication/Evacuation Insurance, and Travel Companion services if needed. Universal Medical Travel is a “One Stop Shop” that gives every patient accessibility to various services they need during their medical tourism process. We work hard to ensure our patients have a safe, successful medical tourism experience!

Greenville, South Cariolina | Phone: (772) 494-1971

Wellness City Network

Wellness City is a medical concierge located in Monterrey, Mexico providing healthcare with humane sensibility through our highly qualified medical specialists. Once you contact us, our first contact physician will evaluate your case, have a first medical assessment with you and give you the best options for your treatment. We work alongside top tier hospitals and hotels where you can stay during your medical health travel.

Calzada del Valle #400 L9-01, Rio Rosas y La Alianza Col. Del Valle, San Pedro Garza Garcia Zip Code: 66220