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Medical Tourism Association

The Medical Tourism Association is built on strong and sustainable partnerships that are committed to achieving the industry’s true potential.  

The Medical Tourism Association (MTA) is a non-profit organization focused on breaking down the barriers to affordable, transparent, and world class healthcare. Founded in 2007, the MTA continues to raise awareness for medical travel while driving the adoption of best practices in the industry. The MTA’s goal is to make it easier for industry stakeholder to connect and do business, whether it’s a healthcare provider, referral organization (buyer) or a medical tourist.  The MTA is proud to have worked with and helped launch the leading brands in the industry, such as South Korea, Dubai, Washington DC, State of Florida, and Abu Dhabi.  We work with Governments, Healthcare Providers, Insurers and other stakeholder from the conceptualization of their project, to launch and throughout the commercialization.    

We are proud to have helped the South Korean Government go from zero medical tourists to over 400,000 a year.    

Every year the MTA continues to work with South Korea, building on marketing initiatives, coordinating private events with buyers, and creating other initiatives to boost the market.  We have helped healthcare providers expand across the globe and make connections in different regions of the world. Likewise, we have leveraged our unique position in the industry to launch new platforms for tech organizations in the industry.  We have worked closely with many of the leading facilitators, insurance companies, and third-party administrators that have launched Medical Tourism Moonshot.    Our goal is to help millions of consumers around the world become aware and easily access medical tourism.  

In 2023, we are expanding our focus to help the industry achieve its true potential within the next five years.  We have launched a Medical Tourism Moonshot, which would help millions of consumers around the world become aware of medical travel opportunities and access them with ease.   We will now begin a new movement in the industry to foster collaboration amongst industry participants like has never happened before.

We are bringing disruptive and innovative solutions and partnerships to scale up the industry. We will build stronger partnerships with healthcare providers and governments to help them identify the gaps in their programs, as well as help new players enter the market easily and with a better chance of success.  

This new wave will drive profitability for referral organizations and create new and more robust medical travel destinations

Partnering, Launching and Building the Greatest Brands in Medical Tourism