Marketing in Medical Tourism: Why You're Not Generating Patient Leads

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November 19, 2019 | 09:00 AM EST

Join Medical Tourism Association & Global Healthcare Resources Director of Marketing, Brandon Fertig, for an eye-opening look at just how easy and practical digital marketing can be for your medical tourism business. Learn 7 Marketing Concepts that you can test and deploy within your digital marketing efforts, and even apply to your existing traditional marketing, social media, and even your core brand message.


About the Webinar

In a world where we receive 100 advertising messages a day, how will your message stand out? How do you know what works and what doesn't? What is your patient lead generation strategy and how is it being deployed?

Your digital marketing efforts can be the difference in your company's success in today's age of Facebook and Google. Though trends differ by location around the world, there's no question that social marketing and search advertising are transforming the way we, as companies, and we, as consumers, interact.

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Learning Points

Learn how you can stand out from all of the noise in patient marketing and have a message that resonates.
Discover how you can leverage digital marketing tests to find a concept that works for your organization.
Utilize a strategy designed to get your hospital, clinic, or destination patient leads.

Webinar Speakers


Raul Illescas

Raúl Illescas is a marketing expert with a post graduate degree from Georgetown University. As the innovation manager at AGEXPORT (Guatemala’s exporter’s chamber) his responsibilities include: developing innovation-related projects from planning through execution. He is currently overseeing a project intended to boost medical tourism as part of the innovation ecosystem in Guatemala.

Raúl is a business executive with 20+ years of business experience in marketing, advertisement, project development, and communications. He possesses a bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Marketing awarded by Rafael Landivar University and Mesoamerican University in Guatemala, as well as a Post-Graduate Degree in Business Solutions awarded by Georgetown University.


Brandon Fertig

Brandon Fertig is the Director of Marketing at Medical Tourism Association (MTA) and Global Healthcare Resources (GHR). He is responsible for marketing & communications for the organization's many brands including conferences, associations, certifications, publications, and social media assets which amass more than 1 million industry professionals.

Today, at Medical Tourism Association & GHR, Fertig leads a passionate team of marketing, technology, design, and editorial professionals that focus on creative services ranging from marketing and advertising to content creation and design. Fertig is skilled in marketing psychology, branding, digital advertising strategy, operations automation, and process engineering. Since joining the team, Fertig has increased digital marketing conversion rates by more than 600 percent, with landing page conversions toppling industry averages at 50 to 80 percent.


Jonathan Edelheit

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of Global Healthcare Resources and the Medical Tourism Association. Mr. Edelheit helps governments, insurance companies and hospitals create strategies for medical travel and population health management and to execute on those strategies. Mr. Edelheit is the foremost expert in medical tourism having worked in over 60+ countries with the leading stakeholders, helping them envision their programs and then bringing them to life.

Mr. Edelheit is at the center of a corporate network connecting hundreds-of-thousands of executives and professionals through his portfolio of companies, magazines, events, and expansive presence on LinkedIn Groups with over 200,000+ members.

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