The 3 Keys of Success for Global Buyers in Medical Tourism

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January 28, 2020 | 8:00 AM EST

Kick off your New Year by attending a webinar with dynamic global buyers from Saudi Arabia and China. These powerful industry leaders will discuss how to attract international patients with 21st century healthcare an amazing patient experience.

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About the Webinar

Join us on Tuesday, January 28 to optimize your services through "The 3 Keys of Success for Global Buyers in Medical Tourism." Learn why patients from Saudi Arabia and China are traveling abroad, as our expert panelists discuss how the procedures they're seeking and challenges they're facing have shaped their medical travel experiences. Examine successful strategies that will maximize your ability to attract inbound patients. Webinar host Jonathan Edelheit will examine three unique referral perspectives: a leading health insurance company, a medical tourism facilitator, and a top hospital referring patients abroad.

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Learning Points

Learn how to deliver an amazing patient experience during the medical journey.
Learn about what medical procedures patients are mostly traveling for.
Learn about all the challenges and issues that patients have on their journey.

Webinar Speakers

"The Home of Love” Group
Founder and Administrator

Mr. Zhang

The Home of Love is formerly known as the Beijing Tiantan Hospital Patients' Home. It has been established for 30 months today. In the past 30 months, it has provided help to more than 30,000 brain tumor patients in China, 80% of them are children. Home of Love is a self-help patient community that is spontaneously formed by patients and their families. It is the first patient community in China that integrates online and offline. It sees the limitation of online exclusively groups. Since, this organization connects patients to doctors, scientific lectures of brain tumor, case discussion and other activities.

Global Healthcare Accreditation
Chief Executive Officer

Karen Timmons

Karen Timmons, Chief Executive Officer of the Global Healthcare Accreditation® (GHA) Program, leads an innovative and inaugural healthcare accreditation program designed specifically for healthcare organizations seeking to elevate the quality, patient experience, and excellence of care provided to medical travel, medical tourism and/or international patients. The program focuses specifically on an organization’s Medical Travel Cycle, encompassing the entire pathway of medical travel, as well as setting high expectations for transparency and cultural sensitivity.

Respiratory Medicine, People's Liberation Army General Hospital
Chief Physician, Professor

Dr. Dewei Gao

Dr. Gao has been practicing respiratory medicine for more than 30 years in The People's Liberation Army General Hospital. And he is honored to be one of the treating physicians for the Presidents of China for the past 15 years. Dr. Gao has rich experience in the diagnosis and treatment of difficult respiratory diseases, the treatment of critically ill elderly patients. After being trained in Europe,, he carried out a series of clinical and basic research in China. He conducted research on "lung cancer gene", "pulmonary embolism", "mechanical ventilation for lung injury", "risk prediction of perioperative thrombotic disease in the elderly", and "perioperative management of elderly surgery". He established respiratory ICU and surgical ICU. He has been honored with three prestigious military science and technology awards and received the title of "Health Care Advanced Individual" by the China Insurance Commission and the Military Insurance Commission three times.


Jonathan Edelheit

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association.  A visionary in the medical travel industry, Mr. Edelheit works with leading governments, hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and referring organizations across the globe to launch successful and sustainable medical travel programs.

Mr. Edelheit has led initiatives in Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Dubai, Jordan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Florida, Las Vegas, Miami and numerous destinations around the world.  He was a key player in rebuilding South Korea’s medical tourism program, driving it to becoming one of the top destinations in the world, receiving more than 400,000 medical tourists yearly. He is the editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine, and organizes the largest event in the industry, the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.

Mr. Edelheit is driven by a passion to make healthcare more transparent, affordable and accessible and to make knowledge and resources about the industry easily accessible.  He is committed to breaking down all the barriers that stand in the way of the industry achieving its true potential. Mr. Edelheit has built the largest network of industry stakeholders from across the globe reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals. He is not only the largest influencer on LinkedIn in Medical Travel, but also one of the largest influencers on LinkedIn in travel, tourism and employer healthcare and insurance.  With more than 500,000 members in his LinkedIn Groups, Mr. Edelheit continues to advocate and grow awareness for medical travel and help support those professionals who have made medical tourism their career. Mr. Edelheit has personally made several strategic investments in the industry and is an adviser to multiple organizations.  


Ran Yang

SeeHealth founder and CEO Ran Yang was born in China and moved to the United States to pursue higher education at the University of Miami, where she was cited for exceptional performance in three academic disciplines: neuroscience, psychology and art. During graduate study at Columbia University in New York, she was awarded a scholarship for scientific research in the field of human brain mapping and subsequently received a master’s degree in clinical psychology. She worked as research scientist at New York Presbyterian-Columbia University Medical Center, published scientific articles in various peer-reviewed journals, and presented her work at both national and international conferences.

Besides exceptional academic and professional performance, she is also a passionate entrepreneur. After years working with patient in clinical field, she believes having great healthcare plan should be necessity instead of luxury.  So SeeHealth LLC was found in New York City, a medical tourism company that helps U.S. and Chinese patients with chronic diseases like cancer, cardiac and neuro related conditions, and rare diseases to have access to better, faster and more affordable healthcare. We find healthcare providers globally and provide A-Z solutions. SeeHealth has official collaboration with internationally accredited and certified hospitals in different countries, including U.S., Singapore, India, Thailand, and Japan. We assist patients receive a remote medical second opinion, and compare different hospitals by their treatment options, location and price so that they can find the best matching healthcare plan based on their financial and cultural background.

Bupa Arabia
Global Operations, International Operations

Dr. Hady Hedaya

A medical doctor who is trained in emergency medicine graduated from faculty of medicine – Alexandria University, worked in the field of medical insurance in Egypt, and currently in Saudi Arabia, Leading the international operations,  in the term of:

•Referring the patients outside Saudi Arabia (end to end service).
•Developing partnership with TPA in US and Europe.
•Implementing a digital health services through international telemedicine.
•Expanding the business to have anew insurance products to cover the members outside and inside the country.
•Expanding the international network and specialties in US – Europe – GCC
•Speaker in medical tourism summit as well as trainer for international patient referrals case managers.
•PMP trained and got several certificates in Customer care and people management.

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