The Future of Medical Tourism - Seismic Changes or Subtle Shifts?

A Global Panel of Experts Discuss Where the Industry is Heading
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04:00 PM | European Standard Time
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COVID-19 has left an indelible mark on the global landscape. Healthcare, work, travel, social norms- all have been impacted in one way or another. As medical tourism reboots, has the chess board been wiped clean or will industry players re-emerge in the exact position they were before? Will it be business as usual or business unusual? Where is the industry headed and where is their opportunity?

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About the Webinar

Join us on October 18 at 10AM EST for a fireside chat with global industry experts as they offer their unique perspectives on where the industry is heading. Don’t miss this opportunity to look out into the future of medical tourism with top industry experts. The webinar will include a time for Q&A at the end.

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Learning Points

What should we expect regarding medical travel patient flow short term and long term? Where are the market opportunities? Many healthcare providers and governments have shifted target market strategies. Pre-pandemic Russian and Chinese patients were highly sought after, not currently. What’s next? Should regional solutions be the priority or new global markets?
Have patient expectations regarding their care experience changed? How will new technologies impact how healthcare is delivered? What can healthcare providers do to build patient trust?
How can industry stakeholders leverage new affiliations and partnerships? What opportunities are out there for big insurance and other emerging players?

Webinar Speakers

Bumrungrad International Hospital
Chief Administrative Officer; Strategy and Quality Advisor

Asst.Prof. Korpong Rookkapan M.D.

As an accomplished C-Level Healthcare Executive, Strategist and Instructor, Asst.Prof. Korpong Rookkapan, MD has an extensive 20 years-experience in turnaround Medical Service Operations, integrate Strategic Business Development with Advanced Healthcare Technologies and renowned Thai Hospitality along with Successful Development of Young Hospital Management Teams.

Vice President and Medical Director, International

Dr. Heitham Hassoun

Dr. Heitham Hassoun is an accomplished executive, clinician, and global healthcare leader. Currently, he serves as the Vice President and Medical Director for International at Cedars-Sinai in Los Angeles, California. In this role, he leads the institution’s International patient services as well as global strategy and operations. He joined Cedars Sinai in 2018 and previously served as Global Medical Director for Johns Hopkins Medicine and was an Associate Professor in the Department of Surgery at The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine between 2012-2018.

Dr. Hassoun is a multi-faceted clinician and global healthcare leader with a wealth of experience in international patient services, global collaborations, health system development, and academic medicine. He was instrumental in the creation of Johns Hopkins Aramco Healthcare, a joint venture between Saudi Aramco and Johns Hopkins Medicine, as well as a number of other institutional management and affiliation agreements throughout the Middle East and Asia. Currently, he aims to expand the global footprint of Cedars-Sinai, a leading US academic medical center.

Dr. Hassoun maintains a clinical practice in vascular and endovascular surgery, and he continues to educate and research in a variety of topics related to global collaborative healthcare and academic medicine. He completed his fellowship training in vascular and endovascular surgery at Northwestern University in Chicago, his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Natural Sciences from Johns Hopkins University.

Obesity Control Center, Tijuana, México
Medical Director & Director of Bariatric Surgery

Dr. Ariel Ortiz

Dr. Ariel Ortiz is a General Surgeon with a specialty in bariatric surgery. He has almost two decades of experience in the field of advanced weight loss surgeries. He is double board-certified in general surgery and board-certified in bariatric surgery. Dr. Ariel Ortiz gained a reputation for excellence early in his career as a bariatric surgeon back in 1997, when only a handful of surgeons achieved a specialty in this field. He is also among the very few surgeons that hold the certificate of Master Surgeon of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery by Surgical Review Corporation.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz served as a consultant training the first surgeons to perform bariatric surgery and traveled and lectured extensively in the United States and Canada. As a consultant for Inamed Medical, he performed bariatric surgeries in over 100 hospitals in the United States, including Cleveland Clinics, University of Chicago Medical Center, Mayo Clinic, UCLA Medical Center, NYU Hospital, Mount Sinai, Lenox Hill, to name just a few.

Dr. Ariel Ortiz has been named as Director for the first Bariatric Surgery Online Television Channel where he lectures and trains other surgeons in the technical nuances of complex bariatric surgery procedures. Dr. Ariel Ortiz has trained hundreds of young surgeons around the world to perform weight loss surgery safely and effectively. Obesity Control Center, located in Tijuana, Mexico, is a state-of-the-art facility equipped with advanced broadcast capabilities and can transmit live surgical procedures to international meetings and symposiums around the globe.


Jonathan Edelheit

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association.  A visionary in the medical travel industry, Mr. Edelheit works with leading governments, hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and referring organizations across the globe to launch successful and sustainable medical travel programs.

Mr. Edelheit has led initiatives in Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Dubai, Jordan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Florida, Las Vegas, Miami and numerous destinations around the world.  He was a key player in rebuilding South Korea’s medical tourism program, driving it to becoming one of the top destinations in the world, receiving more than 400,000 medical tourists yearly. He is the editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine, and organizes the largest event in the industry, the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.

Mr. Edelheit is driven by a passion to make healthcare more transparent, affordable and accessible and to make knowledge and resources about the industry easily accessible.  He is committed to breaking down all the barriers that stand in the way of the industry achieving its true potential. Mr. Edelheit has built the largest network of industry stakeholders from across the globe reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals. He is not only the largest influencer on LinkedIn in Medical Travel, but also one of the largest influencers on LinkedIn in travel, tourism and employer healthcare and insurance.  With more than 500,000 members in his LinkedIn Groups, Mr. Edelheit continues to advocate and grow awareness for medical travel and help support those professionals who have made medical tourism their career. Mr. Edelheit has personally made several strategic investments in the industry and is an adviser to multiple organizations.  

Global Healthcare Accreditation
Director of Operations and Business Development

Bill Cook

Bill Cook is Director of Business Development & Operations for Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) and Surveyor. Since 2006, Bill has been deeply involved in medical tourism in a number of different capacities: as a provider of medical services, a facilitator and later consultant, educator and speaker focused on the topic of international patient services.

Prior to joining GHA,Bill was co-founder and vice president of Medical Tours Costa Rica, a pioneering organization that played a key role in positioning Costa Rica as a leading medical tourism destination. Between 2006 and 2013, Bill and his team managed offshore medical care for over 3,000 patients treated at Costa Rica’s three JCI accredited facilities. During this time (December 2006 to October2011), Bill and his brother Brad Cook developed and managed Hospital Clinica Biblica’s international patient department, helping to position the facility as-one of the region’s premier international hospitals.

In 2012, Bill worked with Renee-Marie Stephano, president of the Medical Tourism Association, to help develop the first version of the International Patient Services Training and Certification program (IPSC). In 2014, Bill joined the Medical Tourism Association as the Director of Business Development for the Asia-Pacific region particularly focusing on initiatives in China. Bill has also worked as a consultant in medical tourism for several Latina American governments and has spoken or presented workshops in a number of countries including Brazil, China,Colombia, Costa Rica, Jordan, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and the United States.

Bill is an author and a regular contributor to the “Medical Tourism Magazine (MTM), published by the U.S. based Medical Tourism Association. Bill has coauthored several books, guides and written many articles related to medical tourism and the international patient experience.

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