Revolutionizing Global Healthcare: Uncover ARSA Health's Microsurgeries and International Partnership Opportunities

July 26, 2023
11:00 AM Eastern Standard Time
5:00 PM Central European Standard Time
7:00 PM Gulf Standard Time
11:00 PM China Standard Time

Embark on a journey with us to the forefront of medical innovation. This webinar will unmask the little-known heroes of the healthcare world who are performing life-altering microsurgeries for nerve repair, limb salvage and complex breast reconstructions. In a realm beyond the reach of traditional pain management solutions, orthopedic and neurosurgery, these extraordinary procedures are liberating patients from certain types of paralysis,unrelenting pain and substandard post cancer reconstructive procedures. Essential for self-funded employers, benefits consultants, and global healthcare providers, this webinar offers a rare insight into a revolutionary approach to complex and costly healthcare scenarios. Seize this opportunity to broaden your understanding, improve your offerings, and align yourself with the best providers in the world. Be a part of the movement that's breaking barriers and rewriting medical narratives.


About the Webinar

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Learning Points

Understand the transformative potential of microsurgery for nerve repair, complex breast reconstruction, chronic and severe pain management and its applications.
Learn about the best providers in the world for these innovative surgeries.
Discover the possibilities of incorporating this healthcare offering in your benefits plans or medical services.
Gain insights into the real-world impact of these surgeries, including case studies of patients regaining mobility and independence.
Explore potential collaborations to bring these life-altering treatments to more countries worldwide.

Webinar Speakers

Chief Operating Officer

Mark Donati

Mark Donati is the Chief Operating Officer of ASRA. He received a BS in Biology from the University of Pittsburgh-Johnstown and a BSN from Thomas Jefferson University. He began his career as a Registered Nurse before receiving an MBA in Health Care Administration from La Salle University. Mr. Donati has extensive experience operating multi-site, multi-state health care organizations in commercial, public, and private equity-based enterprises.

Mr. Donati has spent nearly two decades in the dialysis sector, purchasing, combining, maintaining, and expanding business operations. He has extensive experience collaborating with clinician partnerships, joint ventures, and private equity investors. Mr. Donati recently expanded the operating efficiency and revenue foundation of the largest Med Spa in the country.

He is thoroughly careful in and responsible for all his endeavors. He accomplishes his duties using strong leadership skills, especially as a collegial mentor who motivates and ins collaborative teams to perform at a higher level.


Jonathan Edelheit

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association.  A visionary in the medical travel industry, Mr. Edelheit works with leading governments, hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and referring organizations across the globe to launch successful and sustainable medical travel programs.

Mr. Edelheit has led initiatives in Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Dubai, Jordan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Florida, Las Vegas, Miami and numerous destinations around the world.  He was a key player in rebuilding South Korea’s medical tourism program, driving it to becoming one of the top destinations in the world, receiving more than 400,000 medical tourists yearly. He is the editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine, and organizes the largest event in the industry, the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.

Mr. Edelheit is driven by a passion to make healthcare more transparent, affordable and accessible and to make knowledge and resources about the industry easily accessible.  He is committed to breaking down all the barriers that stand in the way of the industry achieving its true potential. Mr. Edelheit has built the largest network of industry stakeholders from across the globe reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals. He is not only the largest influencer on LinkedIn in Medical Travel, but also one of the largest influencers on LinkedIn in travel, tourism and employer healthcare and insurance.  With more than 500,000 members in his LinkedIn Groups, Mr. Edelheit continues to advocate and grow awareness for medical travel and help support those professionals who have made medical tourism their career. Mr. Edelheit has personally made several strategic investments in the industry and is an adviser to multiple organizations.  

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