Why Technology Will Drive the Future of Medical Tourism

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This webinar will explore how the pandemic has changed healthcare consumers' and buyers' expectations, and how providers and facilitators who don’t adopt technology will be left behind in the dust.

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About the Webinar

This webinar will explore how the pandemic has changed healthcare consumers' and buyers' expectations, and how providers and facilitators who don’t adopt technology will be left behind in the dust. Join us on this webinar to learn how technology can increase patient conversions, create a world of referrers, and, more importantly, why the concept of ease of use has become the most important component of the patient experience. Also, learn how some providers are boosting their client volume while others can’t seem to get their medical tourism program off the ground. Tune in to hear Pulse Protocol (a revolutionary technology platform in medical tourism that brings the ecosystem together) talk about how consumer demand has picked up, and why and how patients are traveling again.

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Learning Points

Learn how technology can increase patient conversion
Learn how some providers are increasing volume exponentially
Learn about the importance of ease of use for patients

Webinar Speakers

Pulse Protocol
CEO & Founder

Robert Page

CEO of Pulse Protocol, Robert Page has been at the forefront of global health innovation since 2000. A relentless enthusiast for quality control, transparent pricing, and patient advocacy, he has co-authored 3 industry guidebooks, spoken at dozens of digital health conferences, and led two different medical travel facilitator companies, MedToGo and MedRepublic. A graduate of Amplify LA’s prestigious accelerator program, MedRepublic was selected among the top 25 new tech companies of 2016 by Tech Crunch Disrupt. Robert's newest company, Pulse is a B-to-B software and marketing platform that equips both medical and business professionals with the tools to instantly plug into the industry and generate predictable monthly revenue.


Jonathan Edelheit

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of the Medical Tourism Association.  A visionary in the medical travel industry, Mr. Edelheit works with leading governments, hospitals, healthcare providers, insurance companies, and referring organizations across the globe to launch successful and sustainable medical travel programs.

Mr. Edelheit has led initiatives in Abu Dhabi, South Korea, Dubai, Jordan, Costa Rica, Colombia, Florida, Las Vegas, Miami and numerous destinations around the world.  He was a key player in rebuilding South Korea’s medical tourism program, driving it to becoming one of the top destinations in the world, receiving more than 400,000 medical tourists yearly. He is the editor of the Medical Tourism Magazine, and organizes the largest event in the industry, the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.

Mr. Edelheit is driven by a passion to make healthcare more transparent, affordable and accessible and to make knowledge and resources about the industry easily accessible.  He is committed to breaking down all the barriers that stand in the way of the industry achieving its true potential. Mr. Edelheit has built the largest network of industry stakeholders from across the globe reaching hundreds of thousands of professionals. He is not only the largest influencer on LinkedIn in Medical Travel, but also one of the largest influencers on LinkedIn in travel, tourism and employer healthcare and insurance.  With more than 500,000 members in his LinkedIn Groups, Mr. Edelheit continues to advocate and grow awareness for medical travel and help support those professionals who have made medical tourism their career. Mr. Edelheit has personally made several strategic investments in the industry and is an adviser to multiple organizations.  

Overbrook Capital Partners
Managing Partner

Eric Bunting

Founder and Managing Partner at Overbrook Capital. Active private venture investor and advisor, primarily in tech-enabled start-ups.   Over 25 years as a partner in funds, private investor, operating executive, and advisor to over 80 companies representing over $1 billion of invested capital.  

An early investor in Kabbage, Funding Circle / Endurance, Pulse Protocol, Edmunds, Yapstone, StartEngine Crowdfunding, Heal, Rabbet, Marin Software, Boom, Turing, FinVoice, MIH Water, Mulberry, Prodigal, Transfix, Mothership, Yardsworth, Roadie, Earny, Bright Funds, OnMobile, El Silencio, Safe+Fair Foods, Matic Insurance, Mirador, Mobotory, Top Fan, Heartbeat, Helpr, and others.

Member of YPO and Pacific Council on International Policy.  Graduate of Stanford Business School and Dartmouth College.

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