Wellness Travel Magazine

Wellness Tourism Magazine is a bi-monthly on-line publication, 100% dedicated to the education and raised awareness of health, wellness, alternative and medical wellness issues. With our business to consumer approach to the promotion of each issue of our magazine, Wellness Tourism Magazine will focus on all areas of health and wellness which may not only compliment the treatment plans for patients receiving surgical procedures, but also provide the opportunity for an improvement of the quality of life for both the patients and their companions.

There is increasing awareness of the role that health and wellness plays in our lives and the importance of establishing a balance among one’s mind, body and soul. This “sister” magazine to Medical Tourism Magazine covers topics such as integrative, alternative, homeopathic and preventative medicines together with overall spa and wellness topics, as they relate to tourism. Wellness Tourism Magazine is launched at http://www.WellnessTourismMagazine.com.

Wellness Tourism Magazine
is continually looking for expert authors and pioneering international spa & wellness centers to feature in up-coming issues.

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  • Nearly 70 percent of Americans search for medical information online.

  • More than113 million Americans search for health information online.

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