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Rafael Cohen

Pacifica Salud

Bachelor of Science in Management 1990
Georgia Instituteof Technology

Born in 1968 in Panama, graduated from Albert Einstein Institute in 1985 high school, and got his Bachelor’s degree in 1990 from the Georgia Institute of Technology.
Married, and father of five 5.
Joined the family business in 1990 and quickly starts the expansion in other business areas, which has managed to obtain interests in the following companies. He currently serves as director and shareholder in the following companies

·       Unibank: Panamanian Bank founded in 2010

·       PacificRealty: Construction Development Company in the Republic of Panama founded in 1999

·       SRCCorporation: Real estate company in Panama, which currently holds a large portfolio of properties throughout the Republic of Panama founded in 1963

·       Hospital Punta Pacifica: shareholder since 2000

Currently serving as CEO of Hospital Punta Pacifica.

He served in other extracurricular organizations, which included participation as Board of Directors for the Albert Einstein Institute for 8 years and active Community member for Jewish congregation in Panama.

Appointed for a period of 6 years as member of the Advisory Board of the School of Management for Georgia Institute of Technology University.

Thru vision and hard work he has been able to place Pacifica Salud among the 7th best hospitals of Latin America.