Medical Tourism Facilitators: The Good, The Bad, & The Unknown

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This recent webcast featured industry expert Jonathan Edelheit, CEO of the Medical Tourism Association, who presented "Medical Tourism Facilitators: the Good, the Bad, the Unknown," an informative and provocative webcast that will provided current and potential medical tourism facilitators with the tools to:

  • Develop Markets
  • Build Trust and Credibility
  • Identify Reliable Providers
  • Understand Complex Arrangements and Medical Procedures
  • Make Life or Death Preparations and Decisions
  • Reduce the Chance of Error and Increase Positive Outcomes
  • Sustain Operations
  • Continue Education and Network
  • Serve as Responsible Industry Ambassadors  


Questions and Answers for Medical Tourism Facilitators:

If you are an organization of facilitators, should everyone be certified that is in the company or just the organization?

It is not required that everyone within the company be certified as a Certified Medical Tourism Specialist but some organizations might want to have everyone in their office certified so that best practices are being implemented and everyone is working with the same standards of knowledge. 

Many experts saying that and assume that Medical Tourism Business is short term and this industry will remain only for some few years because every country trying to promote and developed medical tourism what is your opinion? Please explain.

Medical tourism is not a short term business we are in a global era of patients traveling all over the world for care. Patients have access to the internet and information. Cash pay patients, people covered by insurance and governments. More insurance companies are offering plans that allow people to travel overseas for care.

Can elderly buy international insurance if they have medicare?

Yes, anyone can buy a global health insurance policy from international insurance companies even if you have medicare and medicare patients currently buy other insurance products because it supplements medicare.

You mentioned MT Facilitator as a Brand Ambassador, but our last 2 years’ experience show, most of the patients loves to directly interact with the hospital. They get the lead from us & started communicating with the hospitals. So here we lose our time, effort & revenue! How to manage?

We’re creating a global medical network that has contracts in place to protect facilitators and our advice to find a special relationship with a specific hospital that will protect your interest when you bring them a healthcare consumer’s lead. By joining the Medical Tourism Association you’ll have access to this platform.

Also we offer inbound ( MT to Indi ) & Out bound as ( anywhere in the World ) - but not able to reach the right Target Audience , how to address?

Join the Medical Tourism Association and we can help give you guidance on how you reach the right target audience.

Is there any guidance on how best to charge for services, or to price a service package as a facilitator?

Our Certified Medical Tourism Specialist certification training will provide you with the guidance on how to best charge for services and/or price packages.

Does certification require annual, semi-annual renewal and what criteria is used to evaluate level of expertise of facilitators

Its requires a 2 year renewal and there is continuing education requirements that are provided. The course is based upon the facilitator going through the course, taking the exam, and meeting set standard of knowledge.

Is the value of facilitators minimized as the public gets better educated and globalized with less hand holdings and more direct to clinic communications.

Yes, the value of facilitators minimizes but facilitator provided a very valuable role of hand holding and providing special service that patient needs. It’s important that facilitators educate healthcare consumers as we educate facilitators on the importance utilizing a facilitator and having an advocate in case something goes wrong.

I'm a facilitator in Costa Rica handling individuals, what are the steps to take in order to understand how to build the business model for self-funded, insurance companies, etc.

Our Certified Medical Tourism Specialist certification can provide you with guidance in that area.

Aside from joining the MTA, getting certified, and learning as much as you can about the industry, what would be the most important piece of advice you would recommend to someone launching their business, and trying to find clients?

From our experience proper planning and strategy is the most important piece of advice that we can give you. By joining the Medical Tourism Association and getting certified can help you in establishing a strategy that will help launch a successful business.

Does the Medical facilitator book give examples of forms that should be used?

The book doesn’t but we provide other resources to MTA members that have sample agreement. We also have on our website ( contract provisions that medical facilitators should include in their agreements. 

I'm a PhD student at Aveiro University, my thesis is about medical tourism at Portugal. I want to know if you have any kind of scholarship or another support than I can work and receive some money to make research. At the moment I am employment.

We do not have issue scholarships at this time; however, we do have our Portuguese conference being hosted at this time. Please join for more information on how you can participate.


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