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Medical Tourism Unveiled

Why Patients Travel and What Holds Them Back: A Deep Dive into the Medical Tourism Decision-Making Process

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About the Survey

The Medical Tourism Association, in collaboration with the International Healthcare Research Center, has gathered critical insights into why patients are increasingly choosing to travel for medical care. This comprehensive 31-page report sheds light on the decision-making process, motivations, and concerns of medical tourists, focusing on aspects like the search for superior medical expertise, trust in healthcare providers, cost-effectiveness, and the appeal of innovative treatments. These findings are crucial for healthcare providers looking to tailor their services to meet the evolving needs and expectations of patients globally, ensuring not only the highest standards of care but also building the essential trust and confidence that underpins the decision to seek medical treatment abroad.

Stats From the Report

of medical tourists view ‘trust’ as a significant or paramount factor in their decisions.
of respondents said accreditation influenced their decision to choose their provider.
expressed concerns about international payments, showing the pivotal role of cost transparency and secure payment options in medical tourism.
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